Lindsay Soto

Lindsay Soto previously changed his name to Lindsay Rhodes. This American journalist and sportscaster, is currently working at NFL Network, as a reporter. Lindsay talents and natural beauty has made her easily become a television personality. Apart from this, Lindsay was born and grew in El Toro, California. In 2013, Lindsay had an implant whereby she indulged in breast reduction.

Personal Life

Lindsay Soto is a professional sportscaster born in 1976, in California, U.S.A. Lindsay has lived under the pressure of having to grow up in a family faced with a divorce situation. The divorce of Lindsay’s parents occurred months after her birth. Both of Lindsay’s parents work in different fields of work. His father is an insurance agent whereas his mother used to be a homemaker.

Lindsay was, however, privileged to attend high school. She had enrolled at Toro High School from where she completed her high schooling. While at Toro High School, Lindsay started showing interest in journalism as she became the school’s sports editor. After high school, Lindsay joined the University of Southern California from where she gained a degree. This enabled Lindsay to get opportunities in different channels and after gaining experience, she was recruited by FSN West. Following this recruitment in 2003, Lindsay became a full-time employee.

Lindsay is not only a married woman but also a mother. Having children serves as an indication of how happy and comfortable, she is in marriage. She acquired the name Rhodes after her marriage to his loving husband, Matt Rhodes. The support Lindsay’s husband offers makes her life as a wife to be simpler and she expressed of how she finds his husband amazing.  

Before marriage, Matt Rhodes had been Lindsay’s longtime boyfriend. The relationship became public in 2011 after a formal announcement was made and since then the lovers made preparations of tying the knot. Since their marriage, no news has been reported of them being considering a divorce. Instead, the marriage seems to be growing better.

Despite being assertive, Lindsay has maintained a low personal profile. Unlike most television personalities, Lindsay’s record is free of controversy and rumors. Her positivity in life has fostered success in her life. This success, however, requires her to be savvy and sober to strike a balance between family and profession in light of her children.   

Rhodes has embraced social networking sites and as a result, she is active on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram. Being a TV personality, Lindsay’s social accounts have huge following. However, despite such a huge fan base, Lindsay is not involved with extra affairs. 

Career Life

As aforementioned above, this American nationalist is not only a journalist but also a television personality. At present, Lindsay works at NFL Network as both a reporter and a program host. Her active involvement in journalism has worn Lindsay a reputable name and success. With an approximated salary of at least $43,000, Lindsay net worth is admirable.