Linda Church, the future weather anchor, was born on 2nd June in the year 1961. The place of her birth was Los Angeles, though most of the personal information concerning her family remains unavailable to the public so far.


Linda Church obtained a good education first in a Los Angeles’ school adjacent to her house. Later, she obtained a degree in Environment at the University of Florida. However, she went further with her education. In New Haven, she started studying at the local university and got a Master’s degree in the science of Meteorology. Another fact worth mentioning is that, immediately after her graduation, Linda was awarded a seal by the American Meteorological Society.

Career Experience

Widely recognized as a prominent meteorologist, Linda Church gave a start to her career in Gainesville, the biggest city in Florida’s Alachua County. Later, she continued to advance her career in such cities like Cleveland, Charleston, and New Haven. After all, she came to New York in 1986 to work as a noontime weather anchor at WNBC, one of the major channels.

However, she achieved culmination of her career at WPIX, where she first became a weekend weather anchor in 1990 and worked there until 1996. The peak of her career is undoubtedly connected with this channel, where she has permanently been a morning weather anchor since the very beginning of it in 2000. Three years later, after her debut as a morning weather anchor, she co-hosted the program “Summer Fun for Kids” with Mat Garcia, her colleague from the channel.

Linda Church has been also numerously awarded. In particular, she received the Emmy Awards from National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. In addition, she was twice awarded for being a performer of the best morning news program (in 2000 and 2004).

Personal life

Indeed, a well-known feature of Linda Church is such that she tries to conceal (or at least not to disclose) facts about her personal life from the public. It is known that she married Jin Dolan, who worked as a journalist at the WABC channel. The couple has two children: a daughter, named Colleen Dolan, and a son, named Paul John Dolan. However, the relationship of hers with the husband has been more than complicated. After a quite long period of time living together, the couple decided to divorce.

Later, the couple admitted that they still strongly love each other, and, moreover, Jin settled near the house of Linda in order to remain near her and the kids. After some time, they decided to wed again. However, the second marriage of theirs was not successful either, and after living some time separately they decided to separate again. Even though a few of the facts are known to the public, there are rumors that Linda cared of all but only the diet of her husband, which led to their separation.

Nevertheless, in addition to her quite bountiful possession (the net worth of hers is believed to amount 2.5$ million as of 2014), Linda Church can also brag about quite enviable figure measurements: 36-24-36 inches. In her 50s, she still looks like a woman in the late 20s.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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