Leland Vittert was born at the end of 80s in St. Louis, Missouri. Her exact date of birth is not available at this time. There is no information about his parents and early years, except the fact, that he was raised in St. Louis. After school, he continued his education in the San Francisco City College.

Afterwards he enrolled in the San Francisco State University. Additionally, he studied at the Northwestern University, where he majored in broadcast journalism and economics. He earned his B.A. Degree in the 2005 with minor in History. Leland also spent a year abroad, while he attended London School Of Economics during 2003 - 2004.

He started his career by working for KTVI-TV, which was based in his hometown St. Louis. After his internship, he appeared at various national news stations. Afterwards, he joined the ABC news stations KATV-TV. Later he moved to Fayetteville, where he got a position at the KNWA-TV station of the NBC network. Soon after that he moved again to Madison, where he worked for WMTV-TV.

Leland worked all over America and has a great experience. He also served for WFTV-TV, which was based in Orlando, Florida. He reached the huge level of fame due to his appearance as an anchor of the weekend news show at KDVR-TV based in Denver, Colorado. Currently, he worked in the capital and serves as a FOX News Channel correspondent. He joined Fox Channel in the 2010. In the 2013 he covered such stories as mall shooting incident in Nairobi as well as the Ghouta Chemical attack at Syria.

In the 2015 he covered the case with Freddie Gray, who died tragically. He has covered the massive unrest and violent protests from Cairo, Egypt and Benghazi in Libya. One of his main works, was the protesting news report that happened in Baltimore, Maryland. He was a Middle East Correspondent for almost 4 years in a row and has made numerous reports in different war zones in Jerusalem and Lybia.

He built a very successful career on television and even earned an Emmy nomination for covering the news of “Officer Bishop’s Clearing” in 2006, while he worked in Orlando. He also has appeared in the list of the "50 Sexiest in TV News 2015".

He is not married yet. It seems like he is single now. There were some rumors, that he was dating with an executive called Sara Scott. He also seems to be focusing more on his career as a TV correspondent and has not been in serious relationships yet.

However, in a recent interview, he said he plans to start a family soon. He never opened up a lot about his personal life in the reality show. He likes to keep his personal life to himself and stays away from the media as far as possible with that case. He is a Democrat by political affiliation. His total net worth is not available at that time. Currently, he resides in his own house near Washington, D.C.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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