Laurieann Gibson

Laurieann Gibson happens to be a well known TV personality belonging to the Canadian ethnicity. She is also a well known figure in professional singing, choreography, acting, direction and dancing industry of Hollywood. Although she has worked as an assistant director for many well known music videos, her most famous work is considered to be 'Judas' and 'You and I'. She mostly prefers to work on Urban and Hip hop genres.

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Personal Life

Currently aged forty eight, Laurieann was born on 14th July in the year 1969. Her birthplace happens to be the busy city of Toronto, situated in Ontario, Canada. Although she holds the citizenship of both Canada and United States of America, she is a Canadian national. She spent most of her childhood years in Toronto, where she went to the locally prestigious school named 'Maryland Public School'.

She was an ace performer during her schooling years. She managed to get top grades in almost all of her concerned subjects. She was no less in the playground. Laurieann was a decent player of both Basketball and Soccer. She once represented her school team during an inter school championship. She was a very popular figure in her high school years too. Gibson was considered as the best dancer in her institution and was chosen to represent the school every time.

Her singing skills were also well admired by her local audience. She received her professional dance training in the reputed 'Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre'. By the time she graduated from her high school, Laurieann was a well known figure in the industry of choreography. She had already worked in the making of several famous music videos, some of which went a lot up the Billboard charts. Despite her popularity, she went on to struggle for few more years before she could establish a firm ground for herself.


Although Gibson already had many successful works in her bag, her main breakthrough came only when she became a popular figure in 'Making the Band', a show aired on MTV. Her initial years of career mainly included dancing in theatres but later on she started concentrating more on Hip Hop. This was her favourite genre of both dance and music. She even had the honour of working as a judge on various Reality TV talent shows like 'Skating with the Stars', 'Little Talent Show', etc.

She mostly works as a director or assistant director with other mainstream artists. She has released only two personal music videos till date. Her first debut as a director came when she was appointed as the choreography director for the popular Motown and Boy records. Laurieann has got the honour of working with some of the most famous music stars and actors of the century including Alicia Keys, Jessica Alba, Michael Jackson Beyonce and many more.

Around November 2011, she came into limelight regarding her dispute with the popular singer Lady Gaga, who ended her relationship with Gibson professionally. Gibson’s professional relations with another famous singer, Nicki Minaj also came to end in 2013. Having a reputation of a perfectionist, she trained Gugu Mbatha Raw for six months as her choreographer in the show 'Beyond the Lights'.

17 Feb, 2018