Lanie Bayless is a chef and television personality who is famous for being the daughter of top chef, Rick Bayless.


Lanie Bayless was in 1991. Her parents, Rick Bayless and Deann Bayless got married to each other in 1979. There is no information available in the public record about Lanie’s siblings or her other relatives.

Lanie worked as an Assistant Director of Programming for various publications such as Cosmo Magazine. In January 2016, Lanie made a career shift and started to work at her father’s restaurant called Leña Brava as a manager.

Her father Rick Bayless is a culinary giant and popularizer of regional Mexican cuisine. He likes to promote local food and he is famous due to his successful restaurant empire, Frontera Grill. He owns it with his wife and Lanie’s mother Deann.  Rick Bayless was always dedicated in researching culinary talents and history. He was an executive chef of Lopez y Gonzalez in Ohio.

My Father, the Famous Chef

Rick’s professional career started after hosting the 26 part PBS television series “Cooking Mexican”. His empire was built up long ago and he has become widely popular among critics and food lovers around the world. His star rose very quickly in the culinary world.

Rick Bayless also teaches authentic Mexican cooking in the USA and works as a restaurant consultant. He wrote several cook books that contained recipes for people to make delicious Mexican food in their homes. Rick has since been hosting the PBS television series called Mexico: One Plate at a Time. The show already has 8 seasons under its belt. The show is very popular because of Rick’s charming personality and ability to connect with the audience as he explores Mexican cuisine.

Lanie Bayless appeared many times on her father’s shows. She began to become passionate about cooking and wanted to follow the footsteps of her father. In her public statements, Lanie Bayless said that she loved her father’s meals and tried to study from him because Rick knows everything about Mexican cuisine. He was even invited by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama to prepare the 2nd State Dinner for the president of Mexico.

Lanie Bayless also remarked that the best thing about having a chef as a father was the importance given to family dinners. She loves to cook with her professional father at home for their family and guests. This slice of experience is great for growing up as chefs and also means making amazing memories in the kitchen with her dad like preparing crêpes with him in France.

Even though Rick Bayless is best known for his mastery of Mexican cuisine, Lanie’s favorite dish of his is definitely an American dish. Her favorite is the desert, strawberry shortcake. She once said about her favorite treat, "He would always make it for me when strawberries were in season. He even put it on the Frontera menu, where it's still offered every spring in fact, it should be going on the menu any day now."


Lanie Bayless never answers hard questions like about which Rick’s dishes she doesn’t like. She is proud of her father and thinks he is really a master. She doesn’t want to give any spotlight to reporters and journalists who want to bait her into saying something negative about her father’s cooking. She only gives time to reporters who want to say positive things about her father. She thinks it is foolish for the media to try to get negative quotes from her because she loves her father very much and would never say anything bad about him.

A Family Cooking Project

In 2004, Lanie Bayless wrote a cookbook together with her father called “Rick and Lanie's Excellent Cooking Adventures”. This book became very popular among chefs, Rick’s restaurant fans and people who wanted to try something new.

Their book takes fans around the globe to countries like France, Thailand, Morocco, Mexico and the Bayless' hometown if Oklahoma. The book includes engaging stories from the daughter and father combo. The stories are a great compliment to the recipes that they include from places all over the world.

Rick told Seattle PI how the cooking project from the mother daughter combo got started, "It started as a collection of recipes to give to Lanie after she graduated from high school. I had always taken my wife on trips around the world. We had a lot of stories to tell, as well."

Rick’s tales from across his travels are what make the book a must read for his fans. He gives the book his signature feel by his long rants and stories about the different travel locations he has been to with his family. It is not only from Rick’s perspective, the book is strongly balanced by Lanie’s version of her events as she grew up with a famous chef for a father.

She had very good things to say about her trip to France, "Of all the places I've been, France was probably my favorite. No, it WAS my favorite. I mean, it's totally cool, because the hotel we stayed in had a fashion channel on the television!"

Rick really wanted Lanie to be a student of the game. He trained her to be a real professional and Lanie was very appreciative of her dad’s patience with her, "It was a drag at the beginning, because I had to spend Saturday nights cooking. But the recipe-testing process turned out to be really fun."

The family apple cakes is one of the gems that both Rick and Lanie could not stop raving about. Rick said, “This moist, wonderfully textured, cinnamon-infused apple cake is my mom's specialty. The cake's texture is best (it slices most evenly) if made a day ahead.” Lanie shared the same thoughts, “Pure autumn. I connect this cake to Thanksgiving, since we almost always make it then. McIntosh apples make the creamiest cake. I like it best with chocolate glaze.”

Personal Life

Lanie lives in Chicago and loves what is famously known as “The Windy City”.

In 2015, she got married to a man named Kevin Sullivan. Lanie wrote online about her marriage, ”So happy to be getting married to Kevin Sullivan in a country where the word marriage knows no bounds. What an amazing time to be living in the USA!”

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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