Kris Brkljac is a successful businessman who entered the media spotlight as a result of his marriage to Stana Katic, a famous actress who played Kate Beckett on the hit TV show, Castle.


During Kris’ childhood days, his parents traveled to from Serbia Australia to carve out a new life. It was quite an adjustment for the couple as they moved from the cold and icy climate of Serbia to the hot and warm climate of Australia. They were hesitant with their decision but felt like it was the right move so that they could provide a better living for their future children. They were lucky that they moved before they had children because they didn’t have any obligations or commitments to tie them down. If they had moved later in their lives, it would have been much more difficult to become accustomed to their new environment and country.

 It was while at Australia that Kris along his two brothers Milan and Dragoljub were born from their parents. However in his teenage years, Kris moved to America and was oblivious of the struggles that were awaiting him. At one point Kris was forced to spend nights on the streets of New York. He was a young homeless man that was trying to live out his dream and study law. He never gave up and eventually graduated from law school. He was the perfect example of a rags to riches American story.

Business Career

Kris Brkljac has been into business since his days as a young man. In 2006, Kris was employed in the DisputeSuite Company. It was a software company located in Florida. While at DisputeSuite, Kris was the company’s Vice President of sales. Kris had the ambition of becoming an entrepreneur as well as initiating his own business. From the experience he acquired from working with DisputeSuite, he founded his own company in the industry of sales and development.

Kris’ passion of becoming a competent and successful businessman was his primary motivation. He raised the capital with a loan. He then partnered with his friend and started a business, which was named 8onow. After having put in a lot of effort, they established a business that proved to be successful. The profits and success of the business allowed them to live luxurious lives in Los Angeles as successful businessmen. A previous homeless young man had grown to become a player among America’s successful businessmen.

Unlike Stana, Kris has never been on camera as an actor or TV personality. There is very little known about his personal life because he is not a celebrity that needs facts posted about him in the public record. However, judging from his Twitter feed, Kris is good looking with a very good physique and charming smile. His net worth and salary are unknown because he doesn’t think it is wise to disclose his finances.


Marriage to a Famous Canadian Actress

Kris married his beautiful wife Stana, who has Croatian roots, in a private occasion which prompted a majority of her fans to dig more into Kris’ background because they were interested in who Stana chose to be her lifelong mate. Kris’ wife, Stana is renowned for her role on Castle, a famous television drama, where she took on the character of a detective named Kate Beckett.

It was the Stana’s brother, Mark who introduced Kris and Stana to each other. After meeting for the first time, they quickly got along and began dating. The pretty Canadian-American actress and the Australian businessman made a cute and powerful couple. Despite Stana’s fame bringing her to the spotlight, she managed to keep a low profile of her personal life. She was careful with not revealing anything about her marriage. Her close friends and family say that their marriage was able to stay intact for many years because she tried to keep it away from the media.

After eight long seasons on the show Castle, Stana took a break from acting. She eventually came back to star in a new show. In an interview with a fan site, Stana spoke about her new show called Absentia, “We start the story six years after my character, Emily, has been kidnapped. She was an FBI agent who was on the hunt for one of Boston’s biggest serial killers. Emily is believed to be dead and is declared so. At the beginning of the story, we’re in court with the person who is believed to have killed her. But we find out that she’s actually alive. She has been in what is the equivalent of a torture situation for these past six years.

When I spoke to my agents about what we should be on the lookout for, I told them I didn’t want to play a mum, and I didn’t want to play someone’s girlfriend. Traditionally, from what I’ve seen, those characters are tools in the story. They’re not actually driving the story. Then, when I read for Emily, I was really surprised to find a character who happened to be, in so many ways, all of those things. She held all of those titles, but was very much driving this story forward.

When my role on Castle ended, I was confused by the entire experience, and I was hurt. But that was two years ago. Since then, I genuinely look back on that experience and am thankful to have been part of that project.”

Trouble in Paradise

Before their eventual marriage, Stana and Kris had to go through some issues. They broke up at one point but neither of them have ever revealed the reason why. During their break, there was speculation that Stana was dating her Castle co-star named Nathan Fillion.

Things didn’t seem to work out between Nathan and Stana, leading to a split. After their split, Stana and Kris started seeing each other again. They cleared up their differences and made a decision to get back together. However, this time they decided to make it a lifetime commitment by exchanging vows of becoming husband and wife in April of 2015.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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