Kenna Dunham

Kenna Dunham is a daughter of Jeff Dunham. She is the stepdaughter to Audrey Dunham and a sister of Ashlyn Dunham with Bree Dunham. She is a granddaughter to Howard Dunham and to Joyce Dunham. Her mother is Paige Dunham. Kenna attended Campbell Hall High School in the city of North Hollywood in California. It was in the year 2015. She got enrolled to the Cornell College found in Mount Vernon in Iowa.

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From her biography, Kenna does not have known relationships. According to the information, she is 19 years old who wants to begin her life. The social media account had been set private and there is no information that anyone can get from them about her. The only information that someone can get about her, is that she is youngest daughter of comedian Jeff Dunham with Paige Dunham, a philanthropist.

Jeff Dunham was born in the year 1962 and it was in Dallas, of Texas. He got adopted when he was still too young. However, most people are not aware of the family and some may wish to know more about him.

Paige Dunham was the first wife of Jeff Dunham and she is a mother to the three children of Jeff Dunham. Paige was just a single mother to Bree and Jeff adopted her when she married her. However, the marriage did not last long and they divorced in the year 2010. Paige is an advocate of divorced women, a businesswoman and a philanthropist. She was born in Savannah City in Georgia and she got raised in Amelia Island according to her biography.

She went to Glades Day School which is a private school found in Palm Beach in the city of Florida. When she was married to Jeff, she was also in charge of taking care of the Merchandise Empire of Jeff. She worked through showing the ideas, writing of the materials and in pitching some ideas.

Bree Dunham was born in Los Angeles City in 1991. She is the daughter to Paige Dunham, she works as community manager for American Cancer society and she also works as intern for World Affairs Council in Montana. She finished her studies in 2015, where she was at University of Montana. She got adopted by Jeff, when she was still too young, but her biological father is not known. Kenna Dunham has got another sister named Ashlyn Dunham and she was born in 1995.

Audrey Dunham is a step mother of Kenna Dunham and she was born in 1980. She works as nutrition specialists, a fitness trainer and a former fitness competitor. She has her own blog and works as pastry chef. She gave birth to twin sons, named James and Steve. Howard Dunham is a grandfather of Kenna since he adopted his father. He was the owner of real estate appraisal firm. The net worth of Jeff Dunham is over 60 million dollars.

25 Oct, 2018