Paige Dunham

Paige Dunham was born on 13th March in Georgia, according to her biography. She grew up in Florida. She completed her graduation in business from Clemson University based in South Carolina. Paige has been an American successful businesswoman, an advocate, and a film producer. She has been an active Philanthropist. Paige founded the Paige and Jeff Dunham Foundation in the year 2006. Paige raised $6000 by running the half marathon in San Francisco.

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Paige got married to a famous comedian Jeff Dunham. The lovely couple tied the knot just after three months of dating each other. They got married in the year 1992. The couple has been blessed with three adorable daughters named Ashlyn Evelyn, Makeena Paige and Bree Aleece. The couple got divorced in the year 2012. Jeff has been an amazing ventriloquist and a renowned American stand-up comedian. Jeff was born in Texas. Paige has always supported her husband in writing material for his stand-ups and gave him show ideas. Paige works behind the scenes.


Paige Dunham produced a romantic drama The Face of Love in the year 2013. She was the producer of an adventure drama Last Days in the Desert. She was in a comedy documentary TV special Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity in the year 2007. Paige is responsible for all the success of her husband. Paige works behind the scenes to support all his work and manage all his database. Paige was involved in created newsletters for Jeff.

Jeff was very famous among his audiences because he would use a puppet to entertain his fans on the sets. Jeff has been talented both as a comedian and as a ventriloquist. Paige earns a Net worth of around $20 million. Paige Dunham's husband Jeff has 9,871,832 likes on Facebook. The esteemed ventriloquist, Jeff has 1,818,755 subscribers on YouTube. Jeff has 545.9k followers on Twitter. He has 593k followers on Instagram. The very skilled artist earns a Net worth of around $45 million. His work credit includes Comedy Central Presents, Sonny with a Chance and Late Show with David Letterman. Jeff has been known as one of America's greatest comedians of all times.


The entertainer Jeff Dunham won the Best Male Stand-Up Comic award at the American Comedy Awards in the year 1997. Jeff is very well known for his brand of comedy that he puts up on the comedy sets. Jeff has been credited enough to revive the art of ventriloquism.

01 Nov, 2018