Kelly Wiglesworth

Kelly Wiglesworth is a swift water rescuer and has been certified while at the same time she is actress of American citizenship. She became famous when she appeared at the Survivor, and in Survivor Season One: The Greatest and Most Outrageous moments. She became the only castaway survivor who had not got any vote to be casted against her. She is known to be lovely and sweet lady. She was born in the city of Greensboro in state of North Carolina. Her parents are Americans.

Kelly Wiglesworth was married to Rene Esteves. He was her husband for 3 years and they got a divorce in the year 2000. After finishing her high school studies, she attended University of Nevada, in Las Vegas and while growing up, she had interest in boating. There is a time that she was rowing a boat through Grand Canyon for 21 days.

She has been certified like a swift water rescuer. She is now working like guide at Kern River in the city of Nevada. She was seen for the first time in Survivor, adventure game show in the year 2000. She became the runner up of the show and she won a 100,000 thousand. During the same year, she performed in another adventure game show called Eco-Challenge Fiji Islands. Her net worth has not been recorded yet.

During the Survivor, Kelly Wiglesworth became first woman castaway who won individual immunity. She is now the first player who won consecutive individual immunity challenge. She was first person to get final immunity challenge. She lasted over 39 days and had no single vote against her. She is at a tie with Kim Spradin and Jenna Morasca, for the most immunity wins in one single season by a woman. They all had four wins.

According to the Borneo’s virtue, the winner should be revealed at the location. Kelly became a finalist who delivered the final words speech that are the same as the people who had been voted out. She has the record of having to appear within the same show after 15 years or 30 seasons. She was a member in the final four who has not returned to be in Survivor: All-Stars.

She admitted that she was not watching survivor including her season for that time, but she did so in just few years ago. When Kelly Wiglesworth appeared in Survivor for the second time, many people suggested that she had a plastic surgery but others say that she may have used only some injections and fillers.

According to her biography, Kelly Wiglesworth, after Survivor, she appeared at the Three’s Company parody where she played like Janet. She went ahead and hosted Celebrity Adventure at E!.She lived in Mexico and this is where she taught yoga. She was with Sue, Rudy and Richard in the 10th anniversary of Survivor. She has one son only and no other children.