Kelly Tilghman is one of the few female golf broadcasters of the world. She broadcasts golf for The Golf Channel. Her main feature is as the primary golf announcer for the PGA Tour each year. Apart from announcing golf, she plays golf herself though not professionally. She is currently contracted for the PGA Tour with The Golf Channel with which she has a fifteen-year contract signed in 2007.

Early Life and Beginning of Career

Kelly Tilghman was born on August 6, 1969 in South Carolina at North Myrtle Beach. Her full name is Kelly Ann Tilghman. Her family owned a golf course and managed it for 22 years, which is what led to her taking up golfing as a career. She is a graduate of Arts specializing in Political Science and History In her student years at the Duke University, she played golf professionally and won scholarships. Her notable wins include the Lady Paladin International Golf Competition of 1990. Apart from playing golf in the USA, she has also played in other places such in the European, Asian, and Australian continents. Apart from playing golf, she has also trained students with her professional skills and knowledge.

As a Golf Reporter with The Golf Channel

Tilghman received her first breaks as a golf announcer due to her closeness with the sport. She began as a course reporter for The Golf Channel at first, and then found a place as the play-by-play announcer for the PGA Tour broadcast on the same channel. In 2007, the PGA Tour signed a contract spanning fifteen years with The Golf Channel, which stipulates that The Golf Channel will telecast the first three tournaments of each year along with other coverage throughout the year. Tilghman is the host on these tournaments, often co-hosting with Nick Faldo.

Apart from being the longest-tenured personality on air, Tilghman works in other capacities also, all on the same network. She is the host of a show titled Live From which showcases the star events of golf. She also co-hosts Morning Drive.

Other Work

Tilghman provided her vocal talents for the smash hit golfing game by Electronic Arts titled Tiger Woods PGA Tour. She worked in this capacity from 2008 to 2011.


Kelly Tilghman found herself surrounded by a major controversy in 2008 when she made certain comments on Tiger Woods along with her co-host Nick Faldo. Following widespread criticism against the racial slur of the remark, activists demanded that she be suspended. The channel suspended her for two weeks following the agitation.

Personal Life

Kelly Tilghman is single. There were reports that she was married 2010 but there is no substantiation of the facts. The media and online world keenly observe her personal life, which she is quite guarded about. On one hand there are reports that she has had a baby while other reports suggest she is lesbian. Tilghman does not accept or deny these remarks. Her pictures in bikinis showing off her excellent physique often become a rage among her fans on Twitter and Instagram. At present, there are no details available on her net worth, but her salary is believed to be in the vicinity of $375,000.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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