Jenny Harrison was born in the year 1972 in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon, which is located in the center of the United Kingdom. Too few facts are known about her childhood and personal life in general.


However, it is known that in the childhood, as perhaps nowadays too, she was fond of music and was actively engaged in a number of music performances and activities. In particular, she worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company, the core activity of which is theatrical performances, and this company is based in her home town. While playing in orchestras, where she had a role of lead Clarinet, Jenny Harrison has journeyed to many countries. Moreover, she has also created a quite big number of pieces of artwork and glasswork, which were exhibited in a couple of art galleries in the UK. Nonetheless, there is no information about her education, although some sources assume that she was graduated from the University of Warwick.

Career Experience

Before she started her career as a journalist, for which she is best known now, she worked for a couple of companies. One of such companies is Boots PLC., where she worked on the position of group product manager. Later, she also worked at several other blue-chip companies, where she held a senior post in the product and development department.

However, she was not satisfied with her career there and so she took a decision to enter into the UK Weather Network, when it was just created, in 1996. After her debut on the TV, she took on a job at the HTV Wales. There, she was featured in a couple of lifestyle shows and presented special programs. Within a short period of time, namely between 1996 and 1999, she occupied posts or participated in programs of a number of TV channels and stations. In particular, this list includes ITV Network, HTV West, Meridian, Carlton Central, and Anglia Television.

Her next job at CNN, which she took on in 1999, brought her a huge popularity and recognition within the Kingdom and abroad. Since she took the post over in 1999, she has permanently been the channel’s weather anchor. Thanks to her professionality and consistency, Jenny Harrison worked more than one and a half decades as a meteorologist at the channel, where she participated in various projects. Some of such projects include reports on the Google glasses app (developed by the channel) and additional features in her daily weather forecast programs.

In addition, she worked in a large number of historical societies. There, she collected and gathered data for certain regions of the country.

Sometimes people confuse her with other Jenny Harrison, a professor of math in Berkeley, who first, with the help of her lawyer, opened the discrimination case that has become world-known since that time.

Personal life

Even though many people have seen Jenny Harrison on TV, there are almost no data available about her private life, which she tries to keep in secret from the public. Based on unreliable sources, there were rumors about her wedding, which were neither proved or admitted nor denied. Also, Jenny Harrison has her personal account on Facebook.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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