Katina Taylor

Katina Taylor is a former American TV reporter and a journalist. She is the ex-wife of a famous sportsman named Jason Taylor. Katina has also given her focused attention to charity work along with her consistent fondness for fitness and health.

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Personal Life

Katina Taylor was born to Bobby and Steve Thomas as Katina Thomas and spent her childhood in Pampa, Texas. According to wiki, her age is 43. There is no authentic information about her exact birth date and year. According to some sources, she is in her forties now. Her biography mostly highlights her life events. She is the younger sister of a famous sportsman Zach Thomas. Katina has another elder brother named Brat Thomas. In her time, Katina also participated in beauty pageants. She is a beauty and fitness enthusiast. Katina spends a lot of her time maintaining her fitness and taking care of her attractive figure. After completing her early education, Katina went to attend Texas Tech University. She received her bachelor’s degree in broadcast and majored in Journalism from Texas Tech University.

As far as her matrimonial life is concerned, Katrina went through a lot of trouble because of her marriage. She used to be a sports reporter and because of that, she used to spend a lot of time around sportsmen and athlete celebrities. In this way, Katina met her ex-husband Jason Taylor. Jason Taylor was also a teammate of Katina’s elder brother Zach Thomas. It is not known if Zach had anything to do with their first meeting or they met on their own, however, Katina and Jason started dating and finally got married in the year 2001. Unfortunately, Katina and Jason’s matrimonial relationship couldn’t last long enough. According to various sources, Katina had filed for a divorce more than once during the 15 years of marriage. Katina and Jason Taylor faced a hard time in their relationship in 2006 for the first time. Their differences were increasing every day when Katina filed for a divorce for the first time. Later, Katina withdrew her case and gave the marriage another chance. Unfortunately, Katina’s differences with her husband were not reduced. Eventually, Katina decided to separate her way from Jason and demanded a divorce at the start of the year 2015 which was finalized soon. Katina and Jason have 3 children together. Katina made it to the news again when she filed a case against Jason Taylor and claimed that her husband did not pay her the alimony in the amount of 3.4 million dollars.


After completing her college degree, Katina joined CBS Miami and started working as a sports reporter. Her career as a sports reporter brought her a fair share of fame. She kept her passion for fitness alive along with her job. She was also into charity work and played her role in the society’s well-being. She co-founded the Jason Taylor Foundation. She is the founder of Camp Katina where she arranges various courses about lifestyle and gymnastics for the kids.

There is no record of any awards in her name. Katina owns a mansion that worth 1.3 million dollars. Her net worth is not known, but her lifestyle reveals that she must worth millions of dollars.

10 Nov, 2018