Katherine Kelly Lang

Katherine Kelly Lang is known as an award-winning American actress, most notably for her role as Brooke Logan in the long-running TV series The Bold and the Beautiful. As one of the main characters of this show, she has appeared in over 3800 episodes of the show. Apart from this, she has acted in several other popular soap operas and movies, which has made her a household name on American television.

Early Life and Beginning of Career

Katherine Kelly Lang’s father was the noted American ski-jumper Keith Richard Wegeman, and her mother was Judith Lang. She is the granddaughter of the Oscar Award winning cinematographer, Charles Lang. Her birthplace is Hollywood, California, and a passion for the movie industry existed in her mind since her early childhood. She was destined to become an immensely popular actress.

Her first break happened quite by chance. She was learning drama at her Beverly Hills High School and was focusing on building a sports career. During this time, the shoot of the movie Skatetown, USA was going on in her neighborhood. Lang visited the set, where the producers thought she would be a good fit to play the role of Patrick Swayze’s girlfriend. This led to the discovery of her acting talent and she wasted no time in hiring an agent to represent herself.

Early Roles

After Skatetown, USA, Lang got the opportunity to act in other TV shows for small roles. She had appearances in Happy Days, Magnum P.I., and The Last Precinct. Soon her talent was discovered and she began receiving contacts to perform in movies as well. Some of the movies she did early on in her career include a TV movie named Desperate Lives and Till the End of the Night.

She has also made bit appearances in cult shows such as The Fall Guy and Made in USA. A little-known fact about her is that she has also appeared in several music videos, where she appears as a typical pretty Californian girl.

Her big break certainly came when she was given the part of Brooke Logan to make her own. This was in a show that was later titled The Bold and the Beautiful. She was barely 26 when she bagged this coveted role. Later, she also won recurring roles in The Young and the Restless.

Personal Life

Katherine Kelly Lang has married twice and both times, her marriages ended up in divorce. Her first husband was Skott Snider, with whom she parted ways after a seven-year-old marriage. She has two sons and one daughter through this marriage. Her next husband was Alex D’Andrea, whom she divorced 15 years later.

Katherine Kelly Lang’s salary is one the highest among all TV show actors. Her current net worth is in the vicinity of $1.5 million dollars. Her shows are much watched even today and are regular daily hits with a large viewership.

Awards and Accolades

For her performance in The Bold and the Beautiful, Katherine Kelly Lang has been nominated thrice for the Daytime Emmy Awards. She has also been nominated several times by the Online Film & Television Association and the Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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