Katherine Herridge

Katherine Herridge was born in the year 1964 and she is a chief intelligence correspondent of Fox News Channel. She was a host of Weekend Live on Saturday. Herridge got her degree of bachelor from Harvard College while her master’s degree was from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

She joined Fox News Channel when it started in the year 1996 and she was based in London at the start when she was a correspondent to the ABC news. She had served like a field correspondent for Fox Newsmagazine called The pulse but it is no longer working. She was in charge of covering Hillary Clinton exclusively when she wanted to be in Senate in the year 2000. She covered 2004 Democratic presidential election, spinner attackers to Washington D.C area and the US-sponsored resolution meant to lfit the sanctions that were against Iraq. She covered also Zacarias Moussaoui’s trial, he is the only person who had been charged for the attack of 9/11. She was in New York that day and she reported for the network from the same location.

In the year 2007, she had a disputed against Fox News. This is when Fox News tried to add a no complaint clause within her contract and Herridge did not sign it. Afterwards, she filed the complaint with EEOC. In the year 2010, EEOC sued fox for many things that were in the contract clause of Katherine Herridge. The lawsuit was dismissed because it was said it had no merit by the federal judge. A judge referred to the salary request of 900,000 which would be 95 percent increase as among his reasons.

In 2006, she had to donate the portion of a liver to her son when he was diagnosed that he suffered biliary atresia as a new born. From her biography, she was born in a military family and she liked to work in the journalism from her childhood and she attended schools learning it. After graduating, she started to work for a London based ABC News while in the vacation.

She was honored to be a Chief Intelligence reporter at Fox News Channel. She is working in Department homeland security and justice department. While reporting for 9/11 terrorist attack, she got more fame and name. She had been reporting for other areas like Guantanamo, Qatar, Iraq, and Afghanistan. She works mostly on incorporating the stories that are related to the ethnic clashes and also was in charge of examination about Princess’s Diana death.

Katherine Herridge is tall with five feet with eight inches. She is the example of beauty and brains. She has a salary of over 100000 dollars each year while her net worth is 10 million dollars. She is a married to Jeff miller. Besides her son, there is no information if she has more children with her husband. Her twitter account is @KathyHerridge.

Last Modified: May 11, 2020

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