Kaitlin Monte was born on 7 February 1989 in Pittsford in New York City. This is also the place where her childhood was spent. She went to Pittsford High School to complete her schooling. After completing her schooling she decided to join Clarkson School. It was later in year 2008 when she graduated from University of Tampa and completed her education.

Kaitlin also confessed that she was an easy target for bullies in High school. She was often bullied for almost everything. It was her mother who saved her from bullies and helped Kaitlin to get over the trauma induced by constant bullying. There is no clear information about Kaitlin’s parents apart from that fact that Kaitlin gives the credit to her mother for saving her from bullies.

In 2009, Kaitlin joined United Service Organization’s Show Troupe. Troupe works for a noble cause and the show is basically a platform where the musical performances are dedicated to the great Army of The United States. Kaitlin was also among one of the performers in this show. In 2010, Kaitlin was able to receive the membership of the esteemed Actors Equity Association. It was indeed a proud moment for her as this was her first achievement.

In 2012, Kaitlin represented her state, ‘New York’ in Miss America competition. She could not win the competition but she was the second runner up. She also received Quality of life scholarship which was sponsored by AMWAY. She received the scholarship because of the social cause she worked for. As mentioned earlier, she was bullied during the childhood days and it had a significant impact on her. So she decided to fight for the same cause by standing for Anti-Bullying rights.

It was 2012 when Kaitlin joined NBC and this was her first job. She was offered a job of a host on ‘Today in New York’. This show was more like a quiz competition where people were asked a set of 10 questions. Simultaneously she joined Sports Net New Work in 2013 and won herself the role of host of the show ‘Mets Insider’. She worked for NBC and Sports Net New York till 2014.

Kaitlin decided to join WPIX TV in 2014 where she worked for 2 years as a traffic reporter in New York. Later in 2016 she left WPIX TV to join KRIV Houston where she is presently working. Kaitlin decided to tie a knot in 2015 and she her fiancé was none other than her long term boyfriend, Chris Fohlin. So she got engaged to Chris in 2015 and got married to him in 2016. Together they make a great couple.

Kaitlin never received any award but in 2015 she was nominated for the honourable Emmy Award. The category which she was chosen for was ‘On-Camera Talent’. This proves how successful she was because she was nominated for her first award in within 4 years of the start of her career. Kaitlin’s salary is not known but her net worth is estimated to be around 2 million US Dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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