Jordana Brewster

Jordana Brewster is a popular model of the glamour industry. She has also established herself as a talented actress of the film industry. She is known for her major appearances in many films and television series.

Jordana Brewster was born in the year 1980 on April 26. She grew up with her two sisters in Panama City, Panama. Her father, Alden Brewster worked as an investment banker and her mother, Maria João is a renowned swimsuit model. Her family history did not have any actors and she was the first person to dream of it as a child. Her initial interest was towards modelling as she got inspired by her mother.

She always wanted to become bold and beautiful like her mother and trained herself for that from her early childhood. However, after the job transfer of her father, she had to move to London with her family. She remained there for six years and also took education at an elementary school. She had more interest in fashion than studies. She have always received a strict behaviour from her father which made her very fond of her mother.

Later, she moved to Rio de Janerio where her mother had spent her early childhood days. She went to her high school there only. She grew a knack for learning new languages. Though she was very fluent in English and Spanish, she learnt Portuguese. Later she attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart School in Manhattan, New York City. During her high school days, she participated in the fashion shows and drama events. Her mother always supported her and encouraged to grow her passion.

She was very popular during her school days for her theatre acting skills. She changed her school and graduated from the Professional Children’s School. Though she did not want to pursue any university education after her high school, but her father insisted her to pursue the bachelor's degree before she goes ahead with her passion. She attended the Yale University after high school to earn the bachelor's degree in English in the year 2003.

She initially started her career from the soap operas. She played many recurring roles and small supporting roles in many films and television series. Her appearance in the films like The Faculty, As the World Turns earned her a lot of recognitions. She was given major roles in the films The Fast and the Furious, The Invisible Circus, Variety, Nearing Grace, Annapolis, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning, Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Furious 7, American Heist, Home Sweet Help and many more.

She has also raised her voice for many social causes and has stood by many foundations and organisations. She has got married to Andrew Form with whom she worked in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning. They kept their marriage a secret from the other people and only included their friends and family members in the ceremony. The couple was also blessed with two sons in the year 2013 and 2016. She is now leading a happy married life with her family and there is still no news about their separation or divorce.