Joey McIntyre birth name Joseph Mulrey Mclntyre. He was born on 31st December 1972 in Needham, Massachusetts. He is youngest in his family. He father was Thomas, a union official and his mom was Katherine who died on 30th November 2014 and was a community theater actress. Her mother always wanted that he should become a priest. He completed his graduation from Catholic Memorial High School in Massachusetts.

He is an American singer, song writer and actor. His most favorite actress is “Geraldine Page”. She has inspired him to become an actor. He is working as an artist from the age of six years.

Joseph became popular when he was chosen as a youngest member of a successful band “New Kids on the Block” in year 1985. They had become one of the most successful in the late 20th century. They made two number one albums in the charts of US Billboard. In the year 1991, they were listed as the band, who is highest-earning entertainers by Forbes; they had beaten Madonna and Michael Jackson too. The band broke up in 1994 so, Joseph decided to do acting and then he made his debut by playing the role of “Matt Hucklebee” in “The Fantasticks” in the year 1995. He is a solo artist has sold over one million records worldwide.

The debut solo album of him “Stay the same” was re-released on Sony's Work Records and it was a big success. More than a million copies were sold around the globe. The single "Stay the same" was listed in the Billboard Hot 100 at 10th number. The second track in the album was "I Love You Came Too Late"

In 2008, he reunited with New Kids on the Block. It was a very highly publicized reunion which had included a launch of a new album and world tour was too included in it. He used the momentum of the reunion and he released another solo “Here We Go Again” in 2009.

Joey is an attractive man; however, none of his body measurements are available on the internet. McIntyre got married to Barrett Williams on 9th August 2003 that is exactly one year after they had met. He had met his real-estate agent wife while he was hunting a house in Los Angeles during the run on Boston Public. The number “809” has a great significance in their life. It is the date when he first met his wife which a year later had become the date of their wedding, and it is also inscribed in Joey's wedding ring. It is also the address of the house Barrett found for Joseph. They have three children. Their first son is Griffin Thomas, he was born on 20th November 2007, second son is Rhys Edward who was born on 13th December 2009, and a daughter named Kira Katherine who was born on 31st May 2011. Their second son Rhys Edward was diagnosed as deaf by birth and now uses hearing aids to hear.

Joseph is quite active on Instagram and has 161,981 followers and has a fame score 218,922.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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