Jessica Steen was born on 19 December 1965 in Toronto, Canada. Her parents are both in film industry. Her father’s name is Jan Steen. He is a well-known director and a loved actor. Her mother’s name is Joanna Noyes who is also an actress. She belongs to Scottish – Dutch ethnicity. There is no information if she is the only child of her parents or if she has any siblings. Jessica is known for her charming smile.

‘The Sun runners’ was Jessica’s first TV Show. She took her baby step from this show and this was when she was only 8 years old. In 1886 she signed her first movie. The name of the movie was ‘Young Again’. One of her famous shows which helped her in gaining a lot of fame was ‘Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.’ This show was aired for one year. She was a famous character in this show and she was also nominated for the prestigious Gemini Award for doing an episode in this show. The category under which she was nominated was “Best Performance by a Lead Actress in Continuing Dramatic Role’. This was way back in 1988. Alas! She could not win the award.

Jessica did a lot of movies and shows in Canada before she finally decided to move to the New York City. Her first show after moving to the New York City was ‘Loving’. The show caught a lot of attention and all the credit goes to Jessica. In 1994, she did a lot of TV shows like Murder One, Due South, ER, etc. And this was the lucky year when she was finally honoured with Gemini Award. This time she got the award in the category of ‘Best Actress’. The award was given to her for her outstanding performance in ‘Small Gifts’. All these years Jessica appeared in a lot of Canadian as well as American shows. Presently she is working in TV series, ‘heartland’ which is again a very popular show.

 As of now Jessica is 51 years old and she choose to spend her life by being single. She never went public about her boyfriend and it is also reported that she never married anyone. There are certain rumours associated with her. It is said that she was never able to find a partner because she is quite rude. On the other hand, some people claim that she never married anyone because her carrier is of utmost importance to her. No one really knows the truth but it seems a little hard to digest that she is a rude person. That is because she is associated with several animal protection Non – Profit Organization and she herself is an environmentalist.

Jessica’s annual salary is estimated to be around 236, US Dollars. Almost 25 percent of her salary comes from endorsement and sponsorships. It is clear that she earns a healthy salary as she has got a huge fan following. Her net worth is estimated to be around 2 million US dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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