Jesse Malkin is known as a health economist. He is most famous for being the husband of political commentator and media personality, Michelle Malkin.


Jesse Malkin was a recipient of the Rhodes scholarship. When it comes to his biography, Jesse Malkin does not have too much information available online on the public record.

Wife’s Career

Jesse’s wife, Michelle Malkin was born in the year 1970 in the city of Pennsylvania. She has many talents and she currently works as syndicated columnist, blogger, author and TV personality. She liked to write even when she was still in the university as a young college student.

Her career as a columnist started in the year 1992 and was based in Los Angeles Daily News. After two years, she changed her job. In this period, she started to work under Fox News Channel and she became a regular host for a popular program called The O’Reilly Factor. She is a popular media personality for the work she had done in C-Span and MSNBC where she was assigned the job of being a host.

She maintained her hard work with the dedication and had to pass through many hardships so that she can achieve such heights of success. In addition of her TV career, Michelle is the author of many books. In the year 2002, she was able to publish the first book called Invasion. The book is about criminals and terrorists and how they are linked to America. The second book is called In Defense of Internment and it was released in the year 2004. The book has become even popular with readers and it discusses the racial profiling of the 2nd World War. The third book is called Unhinged and it is about the Liberals. The fourth book is called Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies.

Michelle Malkin got a job to work in LA Daily News and on The Seattle Times in the 90s. She stopped to work there in the year 1999 and worked for Creators Syndicate which put her columns in over 150 newspapers. She then moved to live in Washington DC to live with Jesse.

At her age of 45 years old, she has been able to maintain her image and her body. Her net worth is over 22 million dollars.

Personal Life

Jesse and Michelle met each other in the year 1991 and they got married two years later in the year 1993. They met at Oberlin University when the two were young Democrats. They had the same idea when it comes to free market economy and this common trait lead to an agreement about their personal politics. When their political views continued to align, they decided to meet each other’s family. When Michelle met the parents of Jesse for the first time, they were not talking too much about politics but instead wanted to talk about their love.

They have two children together and they are happily married. There is no talk about any divorce that may take place between them.


Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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