Jazz Smollett Warwell was born on April 1, 1980 in Santa Rosa, California. Her parents are Joel and Janet Smollett. Her mother is of African-American origin, while her father is a Jewish. Her dad Joel died many years ago from cancer. She has five siblings, one sister named Jumee and four brothers Jocqui, Jojo, Jake and Jussie. Jazz spent a lot of time of her childhood by traveling all over the world, her family lived in Europe, including Poland and Russia.

She started her media career at the age of fourteen, when she appeared at the family sitcom called “On Your Own” along with her sister and brothers. This show was produced by the ABC network and was just one season show. Jazz played along with famous comedian Ralph Louis Harris.

In the 2007, she played in the movie “I Want You”, where she portrayed the role of Lennox Jone. It was a short melodrama film, which was directed by Nefertite Nguvu. She took a part with a little role in the “Always with you”.

In the 2016 she took a part in the new project “Smolett Eats”. This show was a project about food and favorite recipes from her family members. The show starred by Jake Smollett. She also has made her appearances in movies like “The Reel Story: 12 years as a slave” and “Silent Spaces”, which was released in the 2013. She also played in the film “Amanda’s Return”, which was released in the 2009. Currently, Jazz had assisted his husband, in many projects as a producer and actor. Her family is also engaged in several charity works, so she was involved in several projects in that way.

Jazz has repeatedly talked about how she is passionate about working on television. She said that she likes to be taken in different projects, that is, to create them, to help produce, to aspire on a camp site and create a certain atmosphere in order to better convey the intended story to the viewer. She also said that the experience of travel and the cultures she saw helped her to understand different areas of life and to transfer this knowledge when creating new cinema projects.

Now she is trying to combine work and family hearth. Since how he is a young mother, she needs to clearly build a border with work and raising a child, that would not miss anything for her child at the price of winning on the entertainment production sphere.

She is a married woman. Her husband is Troy Warwell, who is working as director, writer and producer. There is no information about her previous relationship. The couple tied their married knot in the 2012. She also is a mother of a beautiful daughter. She likes to keep her personal life to herself and stays away from the media as far as possible. Her net worth is still under evaluation. Currently, she resides in New York City.