Jamie Oliver, the name itself waters the mouth. He was born on 27th May 1975. He was born in Clavering, United Kingdom. He was born to Trevor Oliver and Sally Oliver. He is popular for his Television series "the Naked Chief." Oliver, who can make finger licking good food grew up working in his parent's restaurant in Essex. According to his biography, Oliver he attended Westminster Catering College at the age of 16.

His love for food grew stronger with his age. He gained a lot of experience working in different restaurants. He worked in France and Antonia Carluccio's Neal Street Restaurant in London. Later he joined River Cafe where he worked for more than three years of his life. In 1997, he got a chance to appear in a documentary while working in the River Cafe. This was the first break for him on the television.

The days suddenly turned in his favor, and he got a chance to host his own television show "The Naked Chief." The audience loved Oliver's general laid back outlook. The Naked Chef earned the title of the International best sellers. The popularity gained him many restaurant openings. He even published several cookbooks.

Oliver believes in healthy eating habits, and he launched a campaign for the healthier food for school children throughout 2000. The campaign "Feed Me Better" focused on better school meals and provided training to the lunch workers of the school.

"Jamie's School Dinner" aired in U.K in September 2006. The government of the U.K also invested in Oliver's food revolution.

He filmed the second and third series of the show. The second and third series were also accompanied with The Return of the Naked Chief and Happy Days with the Naked Chef. During 2001, he took his show "The Happy Days Tour" to the road. The show was a great success which packed the theaters with people for his show in the UK. Oliver then took the show to Australia than to New Zealand.

Oliver's fame gained him a personal invitation from Tony Blair. He even got a chance to serve his delicious recipes to the prime minister of Italy at Downing Street. In the year 200, Oliver tied the marriage knot with Juliette Norton. He and his wife have five children. The couple's married life is very successful, and Oliver is seen posting about his love life and family on Instagram and Twitter.

In 2001, he opened "The Fifteen Foundation Charity" for the youth to train as part-time work and to prepare themselves for a post in the hospitality industry. He is currently running the franchise of "The Fifteen Foundation" in Cornwall, the U.K, Australia, and Melbourne.

His television series "Jamie's Kitchen" turned out be the hit show of the year in the UK. The book "Jamie's Kitchen" also proved to be a great success. "Jamie's Kitchen" is shown in 35 different countries of the world. His Contribution towards hospitality industry earned him an MBE award in the year 2003. Jamie Oliver currently has the net worth of $400 million.