Jackie Steves

Jackie Steves is the daughter of Rick Steves and his ex-wife Anne Steves. She is a sister to Andy Steves. After finishing her high school, she wanted to fly to go to Europe and it was a new experience for her since even if she had visited the continent before, this time it would have been different since she would be without her parents but her friend Juliana. Her father and brother also did the same when they finished their high school. Just like them, she had also to fund her traveling by teaching piano.

She has a planned visit where she wanted to visit different cities without moving out of her itinerary. Wherever she goes, she moves with the travel guide books of his father and she knows where to book cheap hotel or hostel reservation.

Even if during her travels, Jackie Steves missed to travel with her parents, she was still happy since she was able to satisfy her wants and interests. She recorded everything she enjoyed and where she passed in her travel blog.

Jackie Steves may not have her full biography online but her father Rick Steves has. Rick Steves was born in 1955 and it was on 10th of May. He became famous because of being a travel author and a television personality who had written different travel guides.

Rick is the host of different movies and tv shows such as Travel With Rick Steves, a travel show on public radio and Rick Steves’ Europe. Rick was born in the city of Edmonds and it is found in State of Washington in United States of America. He is talented and he is of white ethnicity. He is author of different books where he talks about the adventures he had. He had written a guidebook on the beauty of Italy and it is being sold around the entire world. He is a traveler who had been in different areas and he had visited different places in Europe where she had recorded her experience on papers. If you would like to visit Europe, then you should never go there without watching him first. He is able to do his best to show you the way and this had helped him to earn over 10 million dollars as a net worth and this proves that he is a successful person.

Rick got married to Anne Steves in a secret wedding but they had already dated for a long period. After sometime, the couple decided to divorce and they did not talk about the reason of their divorce. Rick is 6 feet and he is already famous. Anyone who wants to know more about him, he can visit different websites including imdb where more information about him has been recorded. He is an active person on the social media and people can follow him on Instagram, Facebook and twitter.