Holly Sonders is a Fox sportscaster famous for golf. She is infamous for embarrassing interview that she had with the players of US Open Rounds.

Personal life

Holly was born in 1987 in Ohio. Her mother, Sandy Niederkohr was very supportive of Holly’s interest in sports from a very young age. Holly graduated from Michigan State University in 2009. Apart from this, her childhood is pretty much a secret.

She is married to Erik Kuselias who is a radio and TV host. Holly started to become more famous due to her husband who is a famous broadcast journalist. Erik is infamous for a shabby divorce in the past in which his ex-wife hired a detective to prove his adultery. One of his adultery affairs while he was married is Holly. This brought Holly to the limelight. It was said that they met each other when she was working for Golf Channel.

After his divorce, Holly and Eric dated for a while and announced their wedding in 2012. They started working in the same station and they do not have any children together. It was said that he even tried to force Fox Sports to take him along with Holly as a package but, it failed. She has come out clean after her marriage. She was never rumored to be having an affair. Their marital relationship is going smooth with not fights or problems. There are no rumors of divorce too.

Career life

Her sportscaster career has a lot of blows and rumors. She was once accused of being given importance during NFL match even though she had no NFL experience. After successful career in interviewing Golf players, Holly shifted from Golf Channel to Fox where she served as an on-air host interviewing players during the match.

Before her career in TV, she was a golfer. She was four-year all-district golfer and four year starting point guard in Ohio. She has won a lot of awards for her sports talent. After a major knee surgery, she was not able to play and took the career of journalism. She worked for news for a few months before ending up in an interviewer job in Golf Channel in 2011. She rose to fame quickly and took up many shows and even landed on the Golf Digest cover in 2013.

At the prime of her career, she was hired by Fox Sports in 2014. In 2015, her work was criticized for asking embarrassing questions to the players on-air. She tried to make it hilarious by talking about it in social media sites but, the damage was far from being rectified and it blew down her career, a notch. Many controversies were born from the incident stating that Fox Sports was giving priorities to journalists who are younger and attractive than the ones who are really good and experienced in the job. Later, she was reassigned to women’s US Open to avoid problems. It is assumed that her net worth and salary are decent, but she has not revealed it to media yet. She is popular and active in social media sites.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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