In 1976, the region of Hawaii celebrated the birth of Mandie Taketa, oblivion to the fact that she would grow to serve the world with her exceptional dancing and acting talents. As a child, Mandie’s father was actively involved in her daughter’s life as he taught her both acting and dancing, at a tender age.

Personal Life

Anytime Mandie’s biography appears in a conversation, the first issue to ring to mind is the story of her marriage with the renowned actor, Wayne Brandy, and whose net worth is over $10 million. Apparently, Mandie and her husband, Wayne, were only married for 9 years before they shook the world with news of their unpleasant divorce. During this time, Mandie and Wayne had one child whom they named Maile Masako Brandy (Born on February 3, 2003). After this traumatizing time marked by the frustrations of a marriage gone sour, there has never gone about news of Mandie in another serious relationship.


Mandie’s educational background does not go beyond Hawaii as she finished both her elementary and High School education in Hawaii. Unlike her ex-husband, Wayne, Mandie failed to attend college and thus, she never worked on the esteemed highly qualified jobs. However, it is only rational to deduce that Mandie drew most of her inspiration from her husband Wayne judging from the fact that he deliberately chose not to pursue a military career so as to involve himself in drama plays. Moreover, he acted across a majority of the local theaters before moving to Los Angeles to give his acting career ample time.

Mandie’s husband’s wiki show that he had a show he owned and dubbed The Wayne Brandy Show. In addition, he appeared in various movies including Going to the Mat, The List, Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild and Roll Bounce. Mandie’s close followers would agree that she has an unquenchable obsession with social media. Although she takes keen measures to ensure maximum privacy of her life, her Instagram account exhibits a myriad of photos she posts including photos of vacations, make up, food, expensive cars, fun stuff and other Dubsmash videos.

As a result of her marriage with Wayne Brandy, Mandie gained many acquaintances and friends and thus, she has a number of Facebook accounts. More so, she makes sure to post regular tweets on her Twitter – about 10 tweets daily without precisely paying attention to any specific topic. Mandie uses the Scribd application as her reader’s social platform. Since she has an unquenchable passion for books, Mandie has stocked up collections of books, particularly those she dearly loves, on her profile. From her Scribd profile, it is apparent the classic literary compositions are the ones that capture her heart. Apart from her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, Mandie posts videos about fashion and make up as well as parenthood on her two YouTube channels respectively. Although she does not have a huge following on her social media sites as likes of the Kardashians, Mandie’s social media obsession knows no bound.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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