Hilary Farr

Hillary Farr is a celebrity home and interior designer, actress and TV show host. She is known for co-hosting the reality show Love It or List It with fellow Canadian realtor and businessman David Visentin. The show airs on HGTV and has successfully completed ten seasons since its inception in 2008.

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Hillary Farr is also the president of her eponymous home design business called Hillary Farr Designs. The popular designer has been the first ever designer to put listed properties on stage in her hometown of Toronto. Hillary attributes her success to be able to predict and analyse latest trends in the industry and for having a deep understanding of consumer tastes and preferences. She describes her style as timeless, glamorous yet functional but with a touch of drama.


Hillary Farr was born in Toronto and raised in London. During her early years, she had an inclination towards theatre and acting. However, her mother instilled the passion of interior design in her by letting her redecorate her home as a child.


After she set her mind into becoming a home designer, Farr relocated to LA, and indulged in a lot of home renovation and property listing. During this time, she also appeared in various TV show sets and film sets. She starred in minor roles in the movies Legend of the Werewolf , City on Fire, The Rocky Horror Picture Show , Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width, Sex Farm , etc. Hillary also performed in a musical theatre production called Grease in a singing role in London.

Meanwhile she also renovated a lot of properties in UK, USA, Canada and Australia. She also worked on several celebrity homes such as Jennifer Hudson’s and Jenna Elfman’s. Marred by a divorce in 2008, the designer moved back to Toronto the same year where she signed to host a show with W network. This paved the way for Love It or List It. The show follows a reality format where at the beginning of every show a couple with a difference of opinion about getting their home renovated is introduced.

Their current living space is shown and the hosts are left to judge. Then Farr and Visentin tour the existing homes of the couples and judge the same. They discuss with the couples on budget and other factors. They also take the couples’ tastes, preferences and list of renovations into consideration. At the end of it, the renovated house is shown and the couple can either accept it and move in or list it to be resold.

Besides this show, Farr also appeared as a judge on Search for the Next W Expert 2010. She is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. She appeared on the Marilyn Denis show as a guest. Hillary was also among the expert panel in the Art Van Furniture convention held in Chicago in 2014. Her latest work includes appearing in a musical theatre as maleficent production of Sleeping Beauty at the Elgin Theatre in 2016.

17 Feb, 2018