Marilyn was born on 1 July 1958. She was born in Alberta in Canada. There is no information about her parents and it is also not know if she has any sibling or not. Marilyn’s childhood was spend in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and she complete her schooling from Pennsylvania itself. It is known that she later went to University of Idaho to complete her graduation and she earned her degree in radio, advertising and TV.

Marilyn started her career just after her graduation and she started with a radio station in Idaho. She later got an offer to work with Calgary and she also worked with CJAY FM. In 1986, Marilyn got a chance to work for CHUM – FM as a host an even today, she works there as a host for the show Roger, Rick and Marilyn. It is known that Marilyn also hosted a few talk shows. After 19 years of work with City line, Marilyn decided to quit her job with her employer as the former station was taken over by one of the competitor of CHUM – FM. Later in 2008, Marilyn got an offer to host another show. The name of the show was Marilyn Denis Show and the show was aired on CTV. The show aired its first episode in 2011 and the show was widely loved by the audience.

During her career, Marilyn was awarded with several awards. In 2005, she was honoured with Gemini Award under the category of Viewer’s Choice Award. She was honoured with the same award in 2006 as well. In 2006, Marilyn also received the Rosalie Award. The award is given to the best Radio Programmers. Later in 2007, Marilyn was honoured with Gemini Award again. This time she won the award under the category for Best Host in a Lifestyle Information Series.

She is surely at top of the pyramid in her career. It is also known that Marilyn also underwent a plastic surgery as she was aging. This surgery helped her in lifting up her face and eliminating all the wrinkles. It is speculated that she took Botox injection. Whatever it is, Marilyn looks much younger and beautiful now and she still possesses a charm in her personality and her face.

Marilyn got married in later years of her life but it is known that due to some of the differences, she filed a divorce case and she also gave birth to a son from her marriage with her ex-husband. The name of her son is Adam. Her son also works for FM station in Toronto. At present, she owns a house in Downtown in Toronto, Canada and she lives there with her son. There is no information about Marilyn’s annual salary but it is known that her net worth is estimated to be 5 Million US Dollars. She has a huge fan following on social media platform like twitter and she reached this point through her hard work. Her complete biography can be read at Wikipedia and other online sources.

Last Modified: Jul 4, 2020

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