Helmut Huber is seventy eight years old Australian businessman and producer and he was born on 10th October 1937. He is well known for his productions, Dancing with the Stars in 2005, The 57th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2000 and The 5th Annual American Cinema Awards, in 1988.

Personal life:

Helmut Huber studied medicine and became a trained physician. He started his career in the medical profession. He served a few years in this career and then made his decision to pursue his career in business and also become a producer! He has a good net worth to be invested. He was a co-producer for various TV serials “Seduced and Betrayed” and “Blood on Her Hands”.

The earlier personal life of Huber has not been disclosed much! He got married to Susan Lucci on 13th September, 1969! Susan is a Soap Opera Actress. Susan is second wife of Huber; details of his first wife haven’t been disclosed. This couple has two kids, Liza Huber who is a Soap Opera Actress and Andreas Huber, who is a professional golfer. Helmut Huber and Susan have a happy family with 2 kids and 4 grandchildren. He now helps his wife Susan in building her career and acts as her manager guiding her all the way.

In 2010, Huber was diagnosed with a trial fibrillation which is a dangerous heart disease. Huber was active and healthy but this heart disease was of fatal nature which basically meant irregular heartbeats, which were not seen at the time when it was diagnosed. After being treated, Huber started spreading awareness of trial fibrillation.

He and his wife Susan got involved in Facing AFib organization, Susan being an ambassador for creating awareness and also encouraging people for taking steps, to avoid this disease. He travels places for creating awareness telling his own story and also how he recovered. Huber is also part of various charity and non-profit organizations, few of them being: Feed the Children in Africa, Family Services of New York andLittle Flower Children.


Before his fame, Huber was a trained physician. He started his career as a physician and then switched to be producer and businessman. He was producer for the first season of “Dancing with the Stars”. He also made personal appearances for documentary “The Count and the Comrade and for one of the episode of “Home & Family”.

He is well recognized for The Annual Golden Globe Awards and The 5th Annual American Cinema Awards along with Dancing with the Stars. He has been producer for various Daytime Emmy Awards, along with quite a few serials, The Family, Intimate Portrait, ABC's 50th Anniversary Celebration etc. He has also written one movie in 1988 “Wie viel Liebe braucht der Mensch”

Huber has also created various ways and guidance for her wife to succeed in her career with the help of his contacts; few of her great works are “All My Children” TV series, “Dallas, Hope & Faith”, “Hot in Cleveland”, and “Devious Maids”.