Susan Lucci is the America’s one of the most famous daytime television actress. Along with acting, she is also known for being a singer, TV anchor and an entrepreneur. Susan was born on 23rd December 1946 in Scarsdale, USA. She became instantly hit after playing the character of “Erica Kane” in daytime’s drama show “All My Children.” According to Susan, Erica was the best woman character ever written for a TV soap opera. She was the highest paid actress for the daytime television. Since 1991, her income per year was $1 million. Apart from “All My Children”, she has acted in many other TV shows and movies. Some of which includes the movies “The woman who sinned”,” Between love and hate” and “French Silk”. She has also successfully hosted the show “Saturday night live”. Susan has appeared in many TV Commercial Advertisements such as of Ford Motor Company and Wendy’s. Most recently, Susan appeared on “Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres show” and “Hot in Cleavland”.Susan was born to Jeanette and VicktorLucci. Her father was a First generation American. She was attracted towards acting since her childhood. For her, it was like she was born with the performer’s genes.

Susan attended the Garden City High School and during her school days she took part in several plays. Focused on acting as her future career, she later attended the Marymount College which is famous for acting courses. She graduated with a B.A in drama. Since 1978, Lucci has been nominated as an outstanding performerfor almost each and every year’s Emmy awards. After been nominated for so many Emmy awards, she was criticized a lot for not winning one. In 1999, after a whopping 18 nominations, Susan finally got rewarded with an Emmy. The Audience literally busted in joy and stood up for her when Shemar Moore said,” The run is over Lucci.” She has also won many other awards such as The Crystal Apple Award, The Soap Opera Digest Award and The People’s Choice Award. Her character of Erica from “All My Children” and the real life Lucci, both had one thing in common and that was the passion for pursuing their career.

About her personal Life, Susan got married in 1969 to an entrepreneur named Helmut Huber. Their marriage is touted as one of the most successful and long lasting marriage of Hollywood. The couple has two children, Liza and Andreas Huber. Liza Huber is a TV Soap opera Actress just like her mother and has 4 children. Susan has also published an autobiography through Harper Collins. Susan’s total net worth is $45 million. Most of her income came from playing the role for “All my children”. She played the role of Erica for almost 41 years. Susan owns the Susan Lucci collection. Her Susan Lucci line includes skin care products, perfumes and lingerie collection. Her products are sold through online networks. She also owns a huge Mansion in Quogue which has an ocean view. Today at the age of 69, Susan still looks beautiful and young. Yes of course, thanks to the good genes but she has often mentioned the secret of her perfect weight and health been her well balanced diet. Entering the 70’s, Susan still looks forward to grab some new and interesting opportunities for her personal growth.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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