Heather Hiscox

Heather Hiscox was born on November 18, 1965 in Owen Sound, Canada. Heather is known as a Canadian News Anchor. She is the host of CBC’s News Now. She is also the host of CBC’s morning program, CBC News: Morning.

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Both of her Heather’s parents were medical doctors but this did not influence her choice of career when she grew up. She had a very wealthy childhood because of her parents’ professions. Having one parent be a doctor would be more than enough income for a household but Heather was lucky enough to have two doctor parents. Canadian doctors do not make as much money as American doctors because of the different health care systems. Health care is free in Canada so the pay level is lower than it is in America. The good thing about Canadian doctors is that they are not motivated by money. They will not give a false diagnosis to a patient just so that they could make a payment for a new yacht. Even though they weren’t millionaires, Heather’s parents were still able to provide her with a very comfortable childhood.

Heather decided not to pursue the same path of her parents for multiple reasons. She saw how many hours her parents worked. She missed them because they were always away at work. She understood that they were helping people and saving lives but it was still hard for a little girl to spend so little time with her parents. She did not want to end up in the same situation where she would not be able to spend precious moments with her own children.

She also did not want to deal with the pain of the negative experience in the field. Even though doctors save many lives, they also have to see the other side. The have to see death, they have to see the sad faces of loved ones when they lose someone close to them, they had to see sick children who were unlucky to not have a full life.

Heather respected the work of her parents but she needed to carve her own path to find happiness. She decided to pursue college degrees in French and Journalism.


Heather completed her education at the University of Toronto, graduating in 1986 with a Bachelor’s Degree in French. She wanted a degree in French because of Canada’s population. Even though they mainly speak English, there are many regions in Canada where they speak French. Being able to speak French would be a great asset to Heather. It would help her job prospects tremendously because employers tend to favor bilingual workers. She would be able to converse with people she ran into in her daily life but it would also come handy in her broadcasting work.

After getting her first degree, Heather went to receive her Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario in 1987. Getting her Master’s Degree in just one year shows how much of a hard worker she was. She may not have followed the same medical path as her parents but she definitely inherited their work ethic.

21 Sep, 2018

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