Haifa Wehbe is a popular singer from Lebanon. She has five studio albums to her credit, all of which have received an immense deal of popularity in the Arab world and beyond. Recently, she has stepped into the world of acting as well, with the movie Sea of Stars. She is regularly featured on the most beautiful women’s lists and was on People’s Magazine 50 Most Beautiful People list. She won the Miss South Lebanon beauty pageant when she was merely 16. She was a runner-up for the Miss Lebanon Competition but that title was revoked after it was found out that she was actually married.

Early Life

Wehbe is a Lebanese Muslim. She was born in Mahrouna in Lebanon on March 10, 1976. Her father is Lebanese and mother is Egyptian. From a very young age itself, she has been performing on stage and this confidence encouraged her to participate in the Miss South Lebanon beauty contest when she was 16. She won the teen title that cemented her reputation as a highly beautiful woman. She married when she was only 18.

Music Career

Wehbe is credited with five studio albums to her name. Her second album titled Baddi Aech established her name as a singer. The songs on it such as Ya Hayat Albi and Aana Haifa became immensely popular. Another song, Bus al-Wawa was chosen by Pepsi for an advertisement and won several Song of the Year awards.

During this time, she also starred in a film titled Sea of Stars that was produced by Pepsi. After this, she released another album titled Habibi Aana.

She later released a children’s album titled Baba Haifa and was featured on the album Vendetta of the French DJ David Vendetta. She lent her vocals for the song Yama Layali.

Recent Work

In 2013, Haifa Wehbe released the immensely popular song Ghala Ghala. In 2014, she had another song titled Farhana which was featured in Your Face Sounds Familiar 2014. She later released another English song named Breathing You in. This song was heavily promoted and even released on YouTube.

Personal Life

Haifa Wehbe wedded her cousin Nasr Fayyad when she had just reached adulthood and soon became pregnant with him. She returned to Lebanon in a year after that and separated from him.

She suffered a terrible accident in 2007 during the shooting of a music video. Though the accident was severe, she escaped relatively unhurt. In 2009, she married Ahmed Abou Hashima, a businessman from Egypt. Her wedding dress was much talked about in the Lebanese media. Some celebrity guests made to this wedding including Kim Kardashian and Sean Combs. However, this marriage did not work either, and the couple separated in late 2012.

Haifa Wehbe is a very popularly searched personality on the Internet. She is popular on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and has a large group of followers. Even the clothing and accessories worn by her are in great demand. Websites have sprung up claiming to sell shoes, sunglasses, and such worn by the star singer. Currently, her net worth is estimated to be in the area of $18 million.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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