Geoffrey Rush

Legends are born quite rare, and naming one of them in acting would be non-other than the great Geoffrey Rush. This Australian actor is pride for the actors around the world, and is designated with the three crowing awards for his spectacular acting, namely the Tony Award, the Academy Award and the Primetime Emmy Award.

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Personal Life

Born in a middle class family in Queensland, Geoffrey’s father worked as an accountant with the Royal Australian Air force. Coming from a mixed ancestry from his father and mother’s side, his niche style was curved well. While he was quite small his parents got divorced and his mother took him to stay with her parents in the suburbs. He did his schooling from the State High School of Everton Park and later his graduation from the Queensland University.

He was a part of the Queensland Theatre Company from an early age of college, and did around 19 stage shows with them, bringing a strong influence of acting in his life, in such a tender age. He is married to Jane Menelaus and has a son named James who is 23 years old and a daughter named Angelica aged 26 years.


Being a part of the Queensland Theatre Company from an early age and making his debut with them, he got a strong hold on pure stage acting, making his theatre life quite successful and long. This helped him too in his film career too. From 1971 till 2011 although his film career was at peak he continued his theatre projects as it gave him better grip on the acting skills. Many of the legendary theaters were in his projects, like the Winter’s Tale, The Importance of Being Earnest, etc. slowly he has become an influential name in the theatre sector of Australia. He did few projects for the Brisbane Arts Theatre too.

His film career started with the Australian film named Hoodwink, way back in 1981. He continued with small roles in Australia and then finally got his big breaks with the Hollywood banners, like the Shakespeare in Love, Elizabeth and Les Miserables, all three in 1998, giving his nomination for best supporting actor for the Academy Awards that year. The most prominent role of his life was playing the character, Captain Hector Barbosa, from the movie franchisee of Pirates of The Caribbean.

Another strong role of Rush was, as the speech therapist Lionel Logue, from the movie The King’s Speech, which earned him the BAFTA and few more nominations for the prestigious awards like the Golden Globe and the Academy Awards, as a supporting actor. He became the president of the Australian Academy Of Cinema And Television Arts, in the recent year of 2011, although he resigned from the post in 2013, due to an allegation against him, which he did not support. Although being an Australian his net worth in Hollywood is around 40 million $, which is quite a high price for an actor who comes from a foreign land.

15 Mar, 2018