Fausto Gallardo

Fausto Gallardo, born on 1st June 1970 in Tijuana, Mexico, has been an environment related political activist. However, he is particularly known for his marriage to Marcela Valladolid, a famous Chef, widely known in Mexico and the USA. Gallardo believes in hard work, and all his efforts are directed towards saving the environment.

Personal Life

No information is available on record regarding his childhood except that Fausto Gallardo took birth in Tijuana, Mexico, on 1st June 1970. There is nothing available with respect to his patents, family, and ethnicity. He attended an elementary school and also a high school at his birthplace Tijuana, Mexico. It is unknown whether he pursued higher education and graduated or not. Likewise, there is no record available with regard to his bodily features. However, his hair color is black, and the color of his eyes is also black.

However, Fausto’s private life evokes much interest. He married Marcela Valladolid who has been a famous chef and celebrity. Marcela took birth in San Diego, California, USA, and spent her early life in southern California where the weather had been excellent. She had been very fond of local cuisine. San Diego is close to the border of Mexico and thus, Fausto has been very much influenced by Mexican culture and cuisine. She had been interested in cooking from her very childhood due to her mother being an excellent cook. Marcela became very successful in her profession as a chef on several TV channels. She has garnered a net worth of $3 million.

Fausto Gallardo married Marcela, a celebrity, and he also became famous. It is said that he married Marcela twice. Actually, their married years have been quite a tumultuous right from the beginning. The cause is unknown, but it is believed that Marcela had an extra-marital relationship with Paul Hollywood. This relationship is believed to be at the root of the discord in their married life. They split for the first time, and re-married in the year 2012. He finally divorced her in 2013. They have together two male children namely David Gallardo and Fausto Gallardo. Thus, Gallardo is presently a divorcee and single.


Fausto Gallardo has been a politician who is interested in the protection of the environment. He believes strongly that the environment should be preserved and protected for posterity. He has been engaged in research and development for the preservation of ecological balance. Creating an eco-friendly society is his political mission, and he has been striving hard for it. He believes that the environment needs to be preserved as our planet is getting polluted resulting in global warming. He has been able to create awareness among the general masses to some extent.

There is no rumor of any kind doing the rounds at present in the name of Fausto Gallardo. There is no rumor about his relationship as yet. He is active on Twitter. There is no record available whether Gallardo received any accolades or awards. As per his biography, his net worth is unknown.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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