Marcela Valladolid

 Marcella Luz Valladolid biography of a chef smells like

 Marcella Valladolid Rodriguez aka Marcella Luz Valladolid is an American author and chef. She was born in San Diego, California on July 19, 1978. Marcella is well known for her Mexican Made Easy television series aired on Food Network in 2010. Valladolid’s idea of presenting the ways of preserving and reviving the Hispanic recipes was very much appreciated by the viewers. Her first book was Fresh Mexico: 100 Simple Recipes for True Mexican Flavour.

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Marcella Luz Valladolid Personal life 

Marcella Valladolid was born to Antonio Valladolid. Her father was a successful corporate attorney and a successful businessman. She is youngest in her family with two elder siblings Antonio and Karina. Marcela was interested in cooking from very young age apparently got passionate about it while working at Tijuana, Mexico in her aunt’s cooking school. She graduated as a certified chef from Los Angeles Culinary Institute and moved to Paris to further pursue her passion. Marcela is a classical pasty chef trained from Ritz-Escoffier Cooking School, France.

Is Marcela Married?

Marcela was married to Fausto Gallardo but they separated in 2013. She has two sons Fausto and David and a daughter Anna. In 2013, Marcela had an affair with her Co-Host of The American Baking Competition Paul Hollywood. Valladolid is engaged to Philip Button.

How Pursuing Dreams make an Admiring career

Marcela started her own catering company after returning to Tijuana. She also taught cooking to a class of 40 students at her home. After some time she joined Bon Appetit Magazine as an editor and recipe stylist. In 2005, she participated in The Apprentice: Martha Stewart series and was the third runner-up. Relatos con Sabor was her first television show aired on Discovery es Espanol in the US and Latin America.

Series was about authentic Hispanic recipes. After that, she appeared in Mexican Made Easy and also wrote a book on the context of the show. Marcela has appeared in many television shows including being one of the two judges of CBS reality show The American Baking Competition. In 2014, she appeared co-host in The Kitchen aired on The Food Network but left the show in 2017. Valladolid is considering to pursue per passion for cooking instead of appearing on screen.

How writing books and social media effects the career?

Marcela has written two cookbooks and is followed by around 99.9k followers on Facebook, 67.6k followers on twitter & 219.9k followers on Instagram. Her first book was about traditional Mexican dishes and in her second book, she wanted to show the world that yellow cheese is not a part of traditional Mexican cooking.

Marcela has her own website where she posts about her participation in embracing humanity and her love for cooking. Her net worth is $500 thousand but there is no declaration of her salary. Valladolid is also interested in interior designing and architecture also loves to spend time with her family.

24 Nov, 2018