Erica Yohn Age, bio

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Erica Yohn was born in the year 1930, in the city of Bronx. Her age right now is 88 years now. Erica Yohn is an actress of American citizenship. She appeared in different films like the Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and on the television shows such as Kojak, Quantum Leap, Murphy Brown, ER and Rhoda.

Erica Yohn Career

Throughout her career, she appeared also in Pickets Fences, Beverly Hills, State of Grace and The Famous Teddy Z in the recurring roles. She was the voice of Tanya, Yasha MouseKewitz’s mother and Fievel for An American Tail for the two sequels.

In the year 1971, she was the member for Broadway Cast for Lenny while she was performing at the stage. It did open on Brooks Atkinson Theatre under the Tom O’ Horgan director. This production had Cliff Gorman as the lead star in the role of Lenny Bruce comedian.

Erica Yohn had many roles, such as being Mrs Morris in Diary of a Serial Killer, Being Grandma Eve in Corrina, Corrina, being Grandma Glickes in Jack The Bear and in Amazon Women on the Moon, she was Selma. For TV, some of the roles she had were Mrs Kranther in Party of Five and Ann Reilly in ER.

Erica Yohn Husband, Married, Spouse & Family

From her personal bio, Yohn got married to an actor called Tom Rosqui. He died in the year 1991 and he was 62 years old. Her husband died because of cancer. Thomas Francis Rosquis was born in the year 1928. He is a character actor of American origins and he had enough of stage experience. He was born in the city of Oakland, found in California. His mother is Portuguese called Sally who was a homemaker, and his father was Italian called Thomas A Rosqui.

He was traffic manager. Rosqui played on Broadway in the Price and Sticks and Bones and many more. He did appear on the television; however the most prominent role he had was being Rocco Lampone, the body guard of Corleone family. It was in Godfathers movies. He stayed married to Erica Yohn up to his death in the year 1991. His family included a son with two stepchildren. In the Godfather movie, Erica Yohn was in the character which killed mob Lord Hyman Roth and he was killed afterwards. He had also appeared on television and films such as Airport 77, Macarthur, The Thomas Crown Affairs and The Crazy Quilt.

He was in the telepics like Little House on the Prairie, Fitzergerald in Hollywood, The Law, the Migrants and Raid on Entebbe. He had a regular role in the All My Children soap and in the General Hospital. The last role he had was in The Crucible at L.A Theater Center. While at Lincoln Center, he appeared in The Condemned of Altona, Danton’s Death and Alchemist and The East Wind.



26 Dec, 2018