Emma Greenwell was born on January 14, 1989 in New York, US. When she was a child her parents moved to England, so Emmaspent most of her childhood in London. There she graduated the local high school. Emma was always interested in acting, that’s why she decided to get professional education at Hurtwood House and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Her loving parents supported Emma and helped her to make her dreams come true.

After graduation, Emma went on to take up acting as her career. Thus she began seeking for roles in Great Britain. In England she was seen in a few series but didn’t have much success. Emma Greenwell felt frustrated about it. She moved to Los Angeles, California in a few months in the conquest to find a new hope to her acting career.

Exactly there Emma Greenwell booked her first role of Mandy Milkovich on the critically acclaimed series ‘Shameless’ (USA). She acted as Mandy Milkovich from season 2 to season 5. Emma Greenwell was intrigued by the idea that her character has gone through so much difficult life situations and troubles. It stands to reason that Mandy Milkovich is very mature, but she hasn't had the emotional support to develop otherwise. Mandy finds it very hard to form a healthy relationship, because she has never experienced that. Emma Greenwell admitted to be very different from the character she had to play.

But in the months before ‘Shameless’, she’d been working as a server at London’s Michelin-starred, Thames-hugging restaurant The River Café. Her arrival onto the American acting scene is, fittingly, something out of a Hollywood motion-picture fairy tale.

After that Emma Greenwell was cast as Caroline Bingley in the movie ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’, where she appeared in 3 episodes. Emma also got the role of character Claudia in the American dark fantasy horror television series ‘True Blood’ in the fifth season as a recurring character. What is more, the role of Catherine Vernon in Whit Stillman’s comedy film ‘Love & Friendship’ completed her biography. But first comes “The Path,” Hulu’s latest full-bodied drama created by Jessica Goldberg, which is about the personalities embedded in a religious cult and its pathological success. Greenwell’s character Mary is an incredibly vulnerable girl who gets swept up in the idea of being saved. Emma Greenwell’s net worth is estimated to be a total of $3 million which shows her huge salary.

As for her personal life, Emma Greenwell hasn’t spoken about her past relationships, because she prefers to keep her private life away from the press. In late 2011, Emma began dating her fellow Shameless cast member Jeremy Allen White who starred as Philip "Lip" Gallagher. Unfortunately, few months later they had a breakup, despite the fact that they seemed to be happy. Emma Greenwell is currently single.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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