Cute, small featured talented Elite Loresca is Pilipino lady, who was born in Philippine and now an American national. She is very intelligent American news caster. She always worked for big channels like KNBS-TV and KCBS-TV. She is very courageous and hard working girl. She studied journalism and meterology.

Early life

Elite Loresca was born in Philippine on 4th of September 1977. She was just 10 month old when her family moved to America. Now she is an American-national. She is currently living in Houston.


She passed her early life in California where she completed her schooling. She graduated in Broadcast Journalism from California State University. She got certificate in Broadcast Meteorology. She was brilliant basketball player throughout his educational career.

Personal things about Elite

Elite Loresca enjoys her life with full zeal. Her nick name is Lee Lee Poo. She enjoys pistachio ice-cream. She spends her every day like Christmas. She is a food lover. She loves to enjoy her father’s special Pilipino rice recipes. She feels comfortable while doing exercise her favorite exercise is “Spine class”.

She works voluntary for Philippine based NGO named “NANAY” and “Habitat for Humanity”.


Elite Loresca is very pretty. She has beautiful and toned body. Her body measured 36-24-35.She voted for Sexiest newscaster of American magazine FHM, issued in 2006. Her body is perfect for modelling. She has thousands of fan followers on social websites. She uploaded her photos on Instagram. She while presenting news wears short and sexy clothes to attract her fans.


Elite is brilliant and outstanding American newscaster. In 2000 she started her work as associate news caster. She worked for KCBS-TV for two years. In KCBS-TV she was responsible for assembling scripts and operating telephonic issues. In mid-2002 she joined KGET-TV Bakersfield where she served as weather caster. Then she moved to KGPE-TV and there she served as weather presenter. She presented weather news at noon. She proved herself a daring newscaster. In 2004 she covered all the disasters of hurricane for WSVN Miami. She made a full report of recent hurricane in the history which was very dangerous. She presented the report to National Hurricane center in 2004.

Marital Status

Almost at the age of 31 on 4th September 2010 she got married to her longtime boyfriend Ryan Nuveman.The couple before marriage lived together for several years as husband and wife.The couple hastwo kids:one is boy named Ryan Nuveman Jr. and other is baby girl. The couple is still living together happily.

Loresca is a Pilipino-American. She is beautiful lady. She is very industrious and intelligent lady, at very young age she worked for the best news channels as news caster. She proved herself as very daring personality. She always be first to cover all the dangerous news from the front line. She is now 38 and still working as outstanding newscaster of America. She loves her profession. We can judge her dedication and zeal from her work.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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