Elaine Hendrix was born in the year 1970 and she is activist, dancer, singer, producer, model and actress of American nationality. She had a role in 1998 The Parent Trap’s remake, Inspector Gadget 2 and in the What the Bleep Do We Know documentary.

Elaine Hendrix was born in the city of Oak Ridge in Tennessee state. Her parents are Thomas Hendrix and Elaine DePersio. Her mother has Danish, Irish and Italian descents. She is a relative to John Hendrix. She was born when her father was not at home since he was in Vietnam, serving there. Just a week before she was born, the mother was thinking about calling her Jennifer but changed it to Katherine.

Many people liked to call her using the middle name and this is how Elaine stuck. She was born with a sister named Stephanie and a brother named David Maher and the two are already married and have their own children. She grew up in the city of Morristown, in Tennessee and at the age of 15, the mother moved with her to live in Atlanta, in Georgia. This is where she went to Northside School of Performing Arts. She now lives in the city of Los Angeles and she is involved with the humanitarian efforts most of the time, in addition of helping in cancer research, children, environment and animal rights.

From her biography, when Elaine Hendrix was still in high school, she was chosen in model search and she started to dance professionally under Gary Harrison Dance Co. After this, she started to split the time between dancing and modeling for many companies like Sun Microsystems, Mattel, Levi’s and Nike. She worked for a number of many hip-hop artists like MC Hammer, Keith Sweat and Whodini. In the year 1992, she went to live in the city of Los Angeles in California but after few days, she was involved into accident when she was riding on the bike and hit by a passing car. This ended her career in dancing and modeling.

When she recovered from the surgery because of accident, she became a cast in Get Smart Series. She also was in television series like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Charmed, Ellen, Friends and Joan of Arcadia. She had recurring roles in Lez Be Friends, User friendly and Married… with Children. She was in Coffee Date and Ghost Whisperer.

Elaine Hendrix had been in Criminal Minds, in the episodes 11 for the season 4. She was a woman named Judy Hannity, she got involved into car accident because a man was shooting at her, however, she survived. She was in Rock Slyde movie and Castle show of ABC. Elaine Hendrix has no husband, yet but she dated David Faustino and Christopher J Corabi in the past. Her net worth is believed to be huge but there is no information, how much it is by now.