Eka Darville

Eka Darville was born in the year 1989 and he is an actor born in Australia. He is known because of the role he had like Scott Truman in the Power Rangers RPM and he was Pip in the Mr Pip. He was Malcom Ducasse with Jessica Jones, original series of Netflix. He attended Byron Bay High School and now he lives in Byron Bay in New South Wales and in Sydney. He likes to skate and to surf. His mother was born in Canada and his father is Ray Darwin who is known as the Jamaican Reggae artist.

From his biography, the latest well known role is when he played as Malcolm Ducasse at New Netflix television series known as Jessica Jones. He was also Diego at The Originals of CW series. He played as Rynan Morgan at the Fox TV series called Empire. His last role was when he played as Adam Bridge at Blue Water High, an Australia Television drama series. He was Taylor with The Elephant Princess, and he was Scott Truman in Red Ranger for Power Rangers RPM, he was Pietros for Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Besides being an actor, he is a musician and he started to sing when he was too young. He started to act the time he joined Victorian College of Arts and he was still in high school. His debut in acting was at Sleep Over Club in the year 2002. After this, he had a chance to play in many movies and tv shows like East of Everything, Answered by fire, Terra Nova and others.

When he started to play in America, he was playing as Spartacus with Starz play. When he was in Jessica Jones, he was playing a character of Malcolm Ducasse. He was the heroin addict and also a neighbor of the Miss Jones. At the beginning, his character was meant to show the soft side from Miss Jones. This is because she was showing the sympathy towards him and showed him warm heart always.

When it reached season 4, he had an important role already in the entire history. To prepare for the character, he had to watch many video at YouTube for drug addicts who are in the Detox. He appeared with the first season of The Originals and he got featured in one episodes of fourth season of the Vampire Diaries. He likes to surf, skate and to make music.

Eka Darville’s biological father did not raise him since he was raised by the step father who makes the drums. During an interview of Interview magazine, he said that he liked to act as Power Rangers in the sugarcane farm and he always end up as black power ranger since he was the only one of black ethnicity. Even if his salary is not disclosed yet, his net worth is believed to be 0.2 million. His Instagram id is @ekadarville

Last Modified: Mar 9, 2020

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