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Edward Andrew Schultz is a famous American television/radio personality known for hosting a number of eponymous shows such as The Ed Schultz show, The Ed show, News with Ed Schultz etc. He is a political commentator who has recently drawn a lot of flak for his conflicting political ideologies. Ed currently works with the Russian Network RT America on his own primetime show.


Ed was born in 1954 in Norfolk, Virginia and raised in the Larchmont area. His parents were George Schultz,an aeronautical engineer and Mary Schultz, an English teacher. He attended and graduated from Maury High School in 1972. During his early days, Ed was an avid football player. He received the Minnesota State University’s scholarship and represented the college in football. He subsequently played for Oakland riders.

Post his football career, Ed turned sports broadcaster in North Dakota for 2 local radio stations, KTHI-TV and WDAY-TV. He is a Democrat and has stated that a lot of events in his life led him to transcend his political views from right to left. His mother’s Alzheimer’s, his encounter with a nurse who catered for the homeless, etc. had made him more humane. He supports gun control laws and abortion, despite being a Christian.


After his football career, Ed worked as a sports broadcaster for a few years. During his tenure at WDAY, he was dubbed as "Voice of the Bison" for many years. Following this, Ed made his debut as a TV host with WDAY-AM. In 1196, he joined KFGO which began to acquire a wide number of listeners around South Dakota, western Minnesota, Montana, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

His political views were inclined towards the right during his initial years, because Republicans were against tax and he wanted to make a lot of money. But he became a liberal once after he visited a Salvation Army cafeteria in 1998. He took his show to the road in a motor home. Schultz interviewed various guests. Norman Goldman, an LA based lawyer frequently featured on the show as "Senior Legal Analyst" Eventually, Goldman's popularity led him to host his own talk show.

Post his career with WDAY, Schultz joined MSNBC. In 2009, the channel announced The Ed show hosted by Schultz. During the run, Schultz was known for making extremely leftist comments and was an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton. He also gained notoriety for slamming the then presidential candidate Donald Trump and his Russian connections. Schultz also made several derogatory comments towards right wing supporters and issued apologies for the same.

At the close of 2010, Schultz won the Progressive Honor Roll as the Most Valuable TV Voice and was touted the "most populist of MSNBC's hosts". In 2015, the show was cancelled and aired its final episode without Schultz. In 2016, he returned to television hosing a show with RTAmerica, a Russian Government funded Agency in America. This raised a lot of eyebrows as Schultz was known for his anti-right wing and anti-Russia slandering. He also surprised many by participating in the CPAC, a gathering which he had earlier deemed as Nazi Germany.

15 Mar, 2018