Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is a very popular model and actress of the glamour and film industry. She is also a well-known theatre actress. She has established herself as a talented author, producer and director.

Drew Barrymore was born in the year 1975 on February 22th. She was brought up in Culver City, California. Both her parents belonged from the acting industry. Her mother, Jaid was a popular theatre actor and her father, John Drew Barrymore was an established actor. She grew up with her four siblings in a suburb area. When she was only nine years old, her parents decided to get divorced. She stayed with her mother along with her siblings.

Though her mother never kept any contact with her father, she used to meet him every weekend. She was very encouraged by her parents and wanted to become an actress in the future. Her family has a big history in acting as her maternal and paternal grandparents also belonged from the same profession. She went to the Fountain Day School to receive elementary education and after that, she attended the Country School to receive her high school education.

From her early teenage years, she went to the Studio 54. By that time, she was highly addicted to marijuana and cocaine, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. As there was nobody to take care of her at home, she involved herself more into these addictions. She used to party and go to nightclubs everyday. However, when her father came to know about her deteriorating health conditions and suicidal tendencies, he sent her to a rehabilitation centre for two years.

She officially began her career in the late 90’s, she has made debut as a child. When she was only eleven months old, she was starred in a dog food commercial. At the age of five only, she appeared in Altered States and E. T. The Extra Terrestrial. She portrayed both her roles so well, that she achieved two awards for Best Supporting Actress and also for Young Artist Award. In the year 1992, she made her film debut as a teenager. She appeared in the film Poison Ivy. Though the film was a huge flop in the box office, her character received much recognition. She was also listed sixth among the top 26 “Bad Girls”.

She earned a lot of popularity as one of the sexiest teenagers and has also done a nude photo shoot for the Interview magazine. She has made a number of appearances in crime thrillers such as No Place to Hide, Guncrazy, Bad Girls, Doppleganger and many others. Her appearance in the thriller, Variety has fetched her the nomination for Golden Globe Award. Though she earned huge popularity in the acting career, she has also achieved her tag as one of the best models of the glamour industry. Her nude pose for the magazine Playboy earned her huge popularity. She was married to Jeremy Thomas in the year 1994 but the couple got divorced next year only.

After that, in the year 2001, she tied the knot with Tom Green and got divorced in the year 2002. She remained single for a long time and in the year 2012, she married Will Kopelman. The marriage went on for four years and divorced in the year 2016. She also have two children from her marriage with Kopelman.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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