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The well known American Sculptor, Don Gummer was born on 12th December 1946. His star sign is Sagittarius. He was born in Indiana, U.S. Don is of White ethnicity. He went to Herron School of Design and Art. Gummer attended Yale School of Art and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts. His work is rooted in constructivism. His work has been exhibited in several museums and galleries. Gummer was born to Dorothy Ann and William Adolph Gummer, impressionist painter.

He has five brothers named Richard, William, Steven, Jack and Mark. Gummer is an active Philanthropist. He donates a handsome sum of amount to several organizations and hospitals. Gummer was previously married to Peggy Jenel Lucas. He was once hired as a carpenter to remodel a loft apartment of an actress and her name was Meryl Streep. Don has been married to Meryl Streep since 1978. The couple resides in Connecticut.

Meryl has been the most Oscar nominated actress of all times, she received three wins and 21 nominations. Meryl has been cited as the best American actress of her generation. She has been a very versatile actor. She has been cited as the greatest living actress. They are looked upon as one of the most happiest couples. They were blessed with four children, Mamie and Grace are actresses, Louisa is a model and Henry Wolfe is a musician.


Don Gummer has been a well renowned American Sculptor. His early works focussed on table tops and wall- mounted sculpture. In mid 1980's, he started forging large freestanding sculptures in bronze. In the 1990's, he added material like stainless steel, stained glass and aluminum to his work. Don also does take an interest in public artwork. He constructed a Primary Compass in the year 2000, an outdoor sculpture at the Butler Institute of American Art. Gummer constructed a Southern Circle, by the city of Indianapolis in 2004.

During mid 1980's, Don moved from off the wall into freestanding sculpture. He includes a variety of wavelike open planes in his construction. His work is a metaphor for his own body with his lungs full of air. Don also constructed complex multi layered reliefs including both curvilinear forms and right-angled forms. He likes to draw on a sketchbook to get a sense of height and proportion.

Gummer built his house in Ogunquit in 1960's. His work was incorporated in Primary Structures at the Jewish museum. His work was also exhibited in Pace Gallery in Manhattan in 1991. His work was also exhibited at Althea Viafora Gallery. Gummer has received several awards and grants. Gummer received the Skowhegan medal for sculpture. His work was exhibited in Whitney Museum of American Art. Don also used to create earthworks in his studio. He has also appeared on a News TV series Entertainment Tonight.

Gummer has earned a celebrity Net worth of around $10 million. Gummer is active on social media and has has 2284 followers on Instagram. Don has over 1k likes and followers on Facebook. The Gummer family has 2470 followers on Instagram.

15 Mar, 2018