Dolph Lundgren

Dolph Lundgren is talented television personality. Apart from establishing himself as an actor, he has also earned recognitions as a director, screenwriter, martial artist and producer. He has made many major appearances in many films and television series.

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Dolph Lundgren was born in the year 1957 on November 3rd. He grew up with his two sisters and an elder brother in Spånga. His father, Karl Johan Hugo Lundgren worked for the Swedish government as an economist and an engineer. His mother, Sigrid Birgitta worked as a language teacher. When he was only thirteen, he went to live with his grandparents as he was very much close to them.

It was not only his love towards his grandparents which made him to go to his grandparents’ house but there were other reasons too. He has received many physical tortures from his father as his father had many psychological disorders. To get rid of such behaviours, he went to his grandparents’ house in Nyland, Angermanland. He spent his early childhood years in Lutheran Church. He was very emotionally disturbed during his early childhood days due to the discouragement from his father.

Dolph’s father never believed in him and always called him a loser. Due to this, he remained very depressed and never talked to anyone. As he grew up, he developed an interest towards sports. He started taking karate and boxing classes to release his frustration. As a child, he had to face many health problems like allergies which affected his academic career. He used to stay at home most of the time and during that time, he developed a strong interest towards instrumental music. He used to watch rock shows and also developed a love towards music. He was also very good in studies and scored very good grades.

When he graduated from the high school, he went to America. As he was a very good student, he has received several academic scholarships. He attended the Washington State University and later, the Clemson University to pursue chemical engineering. He had done several research works during his university days die to which he was also offered an internship in Swedish Marine Corps.

Later, he took an admission at the Royal Institute of Technology to pursue chemical engineering again. He was not interested in movies till he appeared in a cultural event in his university. He was told by many of his friends that he should be a part of the film industry. He was very impressed by this compliment and decided to pursue acting after completing his university education.

He appeared in major roles in a number of films like Red Scorpion, A View to a Kill, Cover Up, I Come in Peace, Showdown in Little Tokyo, Terminator 2, Universal Soldier, Pentathlon, Joshua Tree, Silent Trigger, The Peacekeeper, The Shooter, The Minion, Bridge of Dragons, The Last Warrior, Hidden Agenda, The Fat Slags, The Defender, The Final Inquiry, Missionary Man and many more. Throughout his career, he has always come up with the best films which have fetched him a lot of fame.

09 Dec, 2017