David Limbaugh

David Scott Limbaugh is a political analyst, commentator, columnist and author. He is a conservative Republican and expresses his political views and religious beliefs strongly through his columns and articles. He has written various columns for newspapers and magazines such as The Washington Times, WorldNet daily, Townhall.com, etc. David has also practiced as a lawyer and worked as a professor. His younger sibling is popular radio host Rush Limbaugh. Stephen Limbaugh is his second cousin.


Limbaugh is originally from Missouri. He was born and raised in Cape Girardeau in Missouri; He was on born on the 11th of December, 1952 to Rush Hudson Limbaugh, Jr and Mildred Carolyn. Both his father and grandfather were successful lawyers. Limbaugh attended the University of Missouri where he obtained a bachelor’s degree and Juris doctor in political science. In 1978, he cleared the bar and began to teach at Southeast Missouri State University.

Limbaugh is married to Lisa Limbaugh and the couple have five children through their marriage. Limbaugh is an environmental enthusiast and volunteers at a lot of nature conservation projects and organisations.

In 2011, he turned vegetarian and also quit smoking and drinking. He has dual citizenship of both Canada and America. The lawyer and columnist had a typical conservative Midwest Christian upbringing. However, he has stated that as a child, he was very skeptical of religion as he was not aware of sufficient proofs to support the claim. As he grew older, he happened to read Christian theology and the existence of God dawned upon him. He has also stated that this turnaround has been a life changing experience.


Limbaugh has had a wide range of experience in teaching, law, defence and political science. When he was professor in the Southeast Missouri State University, he specialized in business law. He is also a partner in his family’s law firm and practices regularly. His area of expertise is entertainment law. Prior to this he worked in National Guard for as long as six years.

He has written various columns for newspapers and magazines such as The Washington Times, WorldNet daily, Townhall.com, Jewish world review, Creators Syndicate, Newsmax, etc. In addition to this, he also works as an agent for various talk show hosts. He is the agent for his brother Rush Limbaugh as well Limbaugh being an ardent Christian never shies from expressing his religious views.

Conservative Christian authors Frank Turek and Norman Geisler who wrote the book “I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist” requested Limbaugh to write the foreword for their book to which he readily accepted. In the book, Limbaugh addresses his journey from being a skeptic to atheist. Limbaugh also has expressed very strong views against Muslims and has claimed that the general society in US discriminates against the Christians.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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