David Anders was born on 11 March 1981. He was born in Grants Pass in United States of America. David’s fathers name is Doctor Tony and his mother’s name is Jeri Holt. David’s full name is David Anders Holt. In total, he has 4 siblings. Out of the four siblings out of which 2 were adopted by the couple. He has two brothers, Erik and Jason. Erik is his biological brother whereas Jason is David’s adopted brother. David also has an adopted sister whose name is Maili. David is known to be the youngest among the 4. It is also known that his parents believed in lot of charity work.

During his school days, David was very fond of sports and he regularly took part in tennis and basketball. At the same time he was passionate about acting as well. Because of his love towards acting, he took part in various school dramas and plays. By the time he graduated from the school, he took part in almost 3 regional plays. His childhood was mostly spend in Oregon only and he completed his education from Grants Pass High School. Some of the famous shows he did in high school are ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘My fair Lady’.

After completing his schooling, David moved to Los Angeles, California. He started his career from there by acting in stage shows. He took part in a lot of shows until 2006. Some of the famous shows he took part in until 2006 are ‘Alias’ and ‘So Little Time’. It is also reported that David worked as a tennis coach during that time period. David gained a lot of fame while working in ‘Alias’ and that helped him in getting a role in famous TV shows like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. He also appeared in shows like ‘CSI’. In 2002, David got a role in movie ‘The Surge’. Later in 2006, David got a change to work in his first horror movie. The name of the movie was ‘Left in Darkness’. His work was widely appreciated by the critics.

Next year in 2007, David got to work for another movie, the name of the movie was ‘ELI’. He was also featured in one of the famous TV Shows ‘Heroes’. Later in the same year he was featured in two more movies. Name of the first movie was ‘Into the Blues 2: The Reef’ and name of the second movie was ‘The Revenant’. In 2010, David started working for one of the most loved TV show, The Vampire Diaries’. During his career until now, he has been featured in 9 movies and 23 TV shows.

David never came clear about his relationships and it was speculated that he is a gay but at the same time it was said that Nina Dobrev is his girlfriend. David never confirmed any of the news and it is still a suspense if he is still dating Nina or if he is single. David’s annual salary is estimated is not public. His net worth is estimated to be around5 million US dollars. He surely leads a royal life.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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