Danielle Burgio is a dancer in Broadway but she had diverse talents. She is a stunt woman, actress and she continues to be interested in many things as she continues to age. From her biography, Danielle Burgio was born in the cities of Greensboro in North Carolina and it is in this place where she grew up and headed to the city of New York where she lived with her grandmother. While in New York, this is where she found the early success in the Broadway while she started to tour nationally while playing Volta in Starlight Express of Lloyd.

After the tour, she realized where her life was taking her and she continued to perform together with Cher for The American Music Awards. She is a social butterfly and she started making friends around the entire city and after few weeks, she met with two stuntmen. The little interest led to some help from them and in few days, she was set at the set of Vampires of John Carpenter. It is a powerful experience that made Danielle to change gears.

She started to run and she enrolled in the martial arts classes and gymnastics while making the stunt coordinators in the town to be aware of whom she is. Her reputation led to TBS Superstation producer of Worst Case Scenario in 2000. They asked her to come and to perform for Gear Girl and it enabled her of performing even some of most thrilling stunts in her entire career. This is how she came to be known in the public eyes. It is the exposure that landed her at top spots of the list of the TV guide for HOT picks under the name of Boys and Girls of Summer.

Danielle Burgio has been a stunt double for high profile actresses like Jennifer Gardner in Daredevil, Kate Beckinsale in Pearl Harbor, Kelly Hu in Martial Law, Jennifer Lopez in Monster-in-Law and Debra Messing in Will and Grace. Her favorite project was in The Matrix squeal and got her dream job where she was a Trinity Fight Double. She was profiled at Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, CNN Headlines News and had made many numerous appearance as a guests on the talk shows. She was asked to perform her daredevil talents without notice.

She authored a book called The Stuntwoman’s Workout that was published by Chronicle/Quirk Books. Danielle Burgio was in video game world where she was portraying Trish in the Devil May Cry 4 of Capcom. She was the motion capture and voice actress for the role. She had the same role in the Marvel vs Capcom 3 and in the Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 where she was a voice actress. She is dating Mike Rowe. However, more information about her parents, siblings and net worth are not available online.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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