Daniel Krauthammer

Daniel Krauthammer is the only child of Charles Krauthammer. Charles is a famous political commentator and also Pulitzer prize winning columnist.

Personal life

His father and his mother met in 1973 and got married after two years. After eleven years of marriage, Daniel was born in 1986. Charles once mentioned that Daniel is smarter than him. When his father was in college, he was in a diving accident that caused a serious damage in his spinal cord. While diving, his head hit the bottom of the pond and caused serious injury making him paralyzed from waist below. This left his paralyzed on a wheel chair for 44 years. He was paralyzed, when he got married.

It is said that Daniel was conceived artificially. Daniel is the only living child of Charles and Robyn (mother). Daniel had a brother who is not alive now. Since Charles and David does not talk a lot about their personal life, details about David’s birth are not known to public. David had a brother named Marcel. It is not known whether he was elder or younger to Daniel. In 2006, Marcel died and the reason for the same is not revealed to the media.

Details about Daniel’s personal life are not known to media. It is not known whether or not he is in a relationship. Daniel has never been in a celebrity relationship. One can find his pictures on the internet along with his parents. He is never seen with any woman in the past. He was never open about his romantic affairs. No woman has come up to the media to talk about her romantic affair with Daniel. Daniel is assumed to be single due to lack of evidence for his marriage. Daniel’s parents do not talk about his personal life in any media.

Daniel was never rumored to be in an affair with any woman. He was never a part of any extra marital relationships. He was never rumored to be gay even though he was never known to be in a relationship that is known to public. Since Daniel lives a low profile life, he has managed to keep his personal and romantic part of his life far away from the clutches of the media.


Daniel is an economist by education. He studied economics in Harvard and also has a degree in economics from Oxford. He had an initial passion to writer screenplay for movies. He tried a year with screenwriting and direction but, he could not continue on that front. He took up business management education from Stanford Business School and is now a writer for political analysis and economics.

Daniel has more interest in fiction than in economics. He has not talked about his career growth and thus, there is very little that we know in this part of his biography. His net worth and salary details are not known to the media. His works in screenwriting career is not known to media. His name was never credited in any movie and thus, it is assumed that he did not take up any projects in Hollywood. Until Daniel talks to media to talk about his career and personal life, there is little chance that we might get to learn more about his life.