Christoph Sanders

Sanders was born on born march 12, 1962 in Colorado. He did his schooling at Arvada High School in his native place. He got graduated from California institute of the Arts in 1984. He was brought up in his native place itself by his American parents. Sanders had a love for animated characters from a very young age of ten. He began his profession as a Muppet Babies character maker for the CBS. He additionally served as a storyboard artist,production designer, artistic director and designed characters for Beauty and the Beast, The lion King, Mulan and Aladdin.Sanders is also the artist of the popular web cartoon strip called Kiskaloo. He is nominated for 3 Oscar Awards and had won 7 other. He is very much popular for his filmography.

In December 2006, numerous net animation fan websites, like, suggested that Sanders was no more the director for the new Disney animated movie American Dog. In an interview with John Lasseter by the New York Times it was understood that Chris was concluding his job at Disney. After leaving Disney studios, Sanders collaborated with Dreamworks animation for directing and co-writing the  animated feature movie named ‘How to train your dragon’.  Currently he’s working with Kirk DeMicco as a co-writer and director for ‘The Croods’ under the banner of DreamWorks. After Sanders left from Disney, direction works were done by Byron Howard and Chris Williams, and the movie was renamed Bolt. Even though left the Disney, Chris continued to dub Stitch in much of the Disney programs.

In 2008, collaborating with Dean Deblois Sanders directed ‘How to train your dragon’ for Dreamworks animation.The movie was out on march 26, 2010 and become nicely acquired by critics. It amassed almost $500 million globally. The film was nominated for the best original score and  academy award for great lively characteristic at the 83rd academy awards. The film also won 10 Annie Awards.Chris and Kirk DeMicco then planned on The Croods sequel for 3 and a half years, before its freezing in 2016.

Some of his other movies are Sofia the first, Disney Infinity 3.0, Penguins of Madagascar, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, Disney Magical World, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts II, Leroy and Stitch, Disney Think Fast, Fantasia 2000, etc. All these films have brought him fame and wealth.Sanders married Jessica Steele-Sanders.They wrote an illustrated novel together, titled ‘Rescue Sirens: the search for the atavist’ in 2015. Not much of his personal life or dating are known. But ofcourse he had some crush with some of his co-workers such as Mandy Baxter, whom he paired up with in the series presented by Molly Ephraim. He had a  girlfriend before Baxter too. He is popular with some on screen affairs although no dating news are known.Similar to his personal life nothing much is known about his net worth too.Although 54 years he is still loved for his works. His biography is available in the internet and he can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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