Britt McHenry is known to us as the reporter of sports in America who, till now is a famous personality and is still achieving much fame and widening her career.


Personal life

Brittany May or Britt McHenry is s sports reporter who stated her career establishments in America. She was born in the year 1986 on May 28, in Mount Holly Township, which is in New Jersey. She spent her childhood days there only and also completed her education. McHenry completed her graduation from the Satellite High School, in Florida, in the year 2004. From those days, she had a great interest in sports, which probably shaped her present career. She was a soccer team member and played as a midfielder in the Hatters soccer team. When she graduated from Stenson in the year 2007, she got the admission in the University's Medill School of Journalism. There she started learning about the various aspects of journalism and also its major factors and procedures of covering news and stories.

Though she has achieved a lot of success in her career, there were many controversial issues regarding her professional behaviour. Nonetheless, nothing really affected her career due to the effective focus and hard work. She has always been popular in her career and owns a net worth which is very high, though the exact amount is not known to the media. During her life, she has been in several relationships with her boyfriends and has not yet disclosed any news, with regards to getting married or anything about her husband. There are quite a few rumors about her, doing rounds on social media websites! Though there are a lot of stories in the media regarding her dating histories but not all of them are true as McHenry never portrayed her personal life to the mass media and prefers to keep it personal.



After completing her graduation from the journalism university and learning various methods and processes of story coverage throughout the country, McHenry decided to enter the professional world, to grow in her career. She was always a good student and was always focused, as she is now, in her career. This was the reason of her high grades academically from school life till university, which helped her in her career! She decided to start her career with the WJLA- TV, ABC Televisions which was affiliated to Washington. At that time, she was also employed as a sports journalist and an anchor in News Channel 8 news station. She was always an enthusiastic worker and took her career to a new high with her dedication. She also worked as a sports reporter in the Fox Sports San Diego and got back to her previous work ABC 7, after a gap of two weeks. She finally left her office in the year 2014 and joined ESPN, where she works till now as a sports reporter of bureau. She is known to be very successful, both in her personal as well as professional life!

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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