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Personal life

If you like comedy, then there is no way you do not know Sal Vulcano! Sal Vulcano, as known to us, is the one of the four members in the popular television series called Impartial Jokers. This famous personality celebrates his birthday on November 6, every year. He took birth in the year 1976 in the New York City, somewhere in Staten Island. After he was born, he was given the name of Salvator Vulcano, by his parents. He spent his childhood years with his sister Jenna Vulcano and had no other siblings, apart from his sister. He completed his education in New York City, at the Monsignor High School. He also completed his graduation from the same place and graduated in the year 1994. His further university studies were carried on in the St. John's University and finally, he completed his studies around the year 1998. He always had a knack for comedy since his childhood years and loved to make people laugh by his activities or speeches or by making such expressions.


His natural talent, helped him achieve a lot of fame, from his early years! He was very popular in his school years, due to this possessed talent and his tenure at university was also no different. This gave him further confidence to choose his talent as his profession. He started practicing his skills to enhance it and rehearsed as many times as possible, to make it nearly perfect. He has also performed some stand-up comedy shows and gave auditions, before actually starting his career. He is now known as a great comedian and has established his career, in the field. Sal always preferred to keep his personal life secret and never shows off though this famous personality has a high net worth of around $400,000, which is a significant amount. Till date, nothing has been recorded by the media regarding his relationship or marriage. We can thus say that he is not married! There have never been any controversies either, regarding his dating life. Sal Vulcano is a very down-to-earth person and treats his followers like his family members and keeps sharing his moments of life on various social networking sites, on which he is known to be quite active.


Sal Vulcano joined the group of Tenderloins in the year 1999 after completing his education. He performed his first show in the Sketch Comedy Festival of San Francisco, where he also got a reward of $100,000. This Tenderloins group later produced and directed the truTV series Impartial Jokers where the story of four friends who are being used as comic creatures in the show. The four members of the group were James Murray, Joe Gatto, Mike Boccio with Sal Vulcano. The show came on air in the year 2011 and is in podcasting its fith series now with the much needed favours and cooperation which they received from their followers. The show is hilarious!

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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