Christen Steward

Christen Steward is model who is most known for being the wife of television actor and soap opera star, Jacob Young.


When it comes to her personal information, Christen Steward does not have too much information online about her. Details about her education and family are kept from the public. She is a very private person even though she is married to a celebrity. She prefers to stay in the shadows so that her husband can handle all the duties of being famous.

She is more than happy to stay home and take care of their family but she also enjoys doing small jobs where she can express her beauty in her modeling projects. There is more information is about her husband, Jacob Young available online because a big part of his job is to increase media exposure.

Marriage to the Bold and Handsome

Christen is happy to be the loving wife of her soap opera star hubby, Jacob Young. They dated for a long time before they decided to get married. They have two children together which they consider to be the result and symbol of their true love. They have a son named Luke Wayne Young and a daughter named Molly Lyn. They cherish their children very much and want to do all that they can to provide the best upbringing they can from their family.

They are happy together and they there is no talk about having extra affairs surrounding them. There is no gossip or rumors about any serious fights or divorce between them.

Profile of a Celebrity Husband

Christen’s handsome husband, Jacob Young was born in the year 1979. He works as an actor and part time singer in his native country of the United States. He is well known for the roles he has on the soap opera TV shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful and All My Children. He was born in the state of California and in the small town of Hernet.

His family left California and he ended up being raised in Colorado in the city of Loveland. His parents are Michael Young and Rhonda. They went to back to live in San Diego when he was in his teenage years. Sadly for Jacob, his parents divorced after the move back to California.

Husband’s Acting Career

Jacob started to become interested in acting at an early age. He started to play in different groups with his friends where he would imagine playing a character. Jacob got his big break when he was given the chance to play a role in The Bold and The Beautiful when he was just 18 years old.


He got the nomination for a Daytime Emmy for the role he had in The Bold and The Beautiful. He was being praised for being an outstanding young actor. He played the role of Rick Forrester from 1997 to 1999. With this role, he was able to make many people like him and he was the dream boy for every teenager girl.

After playing a role in The Bold and the Beautiful, he got a role to play in other television series. In General Hospital, he played a role as Lucky Spencer. His acting skills got better with the better roles that he was getting. After General Hospital, he was in All My Children, Hope and Faith and, The Young and the Restless.

In an interview with Variety Magazine, Jacob was asked why he left The Bold and Beautiful, “I started so early in the industry, and I was limited on what kind of characters I could play. Most of them were on the younger side, and daytime would lean itself to that. There were very few film roles that would have been right at that age [of] 17 to early 20s, and if I was trying to get those roles at that time, you kind of get pigeonholed into the teen movies, and very few people make it out of that alive with a career still intact. But we felt with the way the market is going right now and the offers that I’ve been getting that this was the right time…to make that move. It feels right. There are a lot of opportunities that have been coming — opportunities I’ve had to turn down because of being tied up under contract.

He was also asked if his multiple characters from different shows ever overlap in his performances, “I would say it’s definitely on a parallel, for sure. Timing is everything, but also you want to be able to develop characters with a deeper meaning — a deeper sense — and you know, I’m just not quite getting that. In the daytime market you’re pretty much limited to a good guy or a bad guy — not too much in between with the content — and I was looking to explore projects with more meaning to me personally.”

In addition to the role he has played on TV shows, he did also some movies like Imaginary Friend, The Beach Boys, and The Girl Next Door. Unfortunately for Jacob, he was not that successful in the movie industry as he was in the television shows he appeared on. He continued acting in the television industry and he continued to get many nominations and accolades for them.

Jacob Young is tall with five feet and ten inches of height which gives him a strong on screen persona. He has a huge number of followers on social media and most of them are female fans. He has a nice charm and a smile that makes people to go crazy. His net worth is not reported on any websites but with his success, it is expected to be a good amount of income for his family.

Jacob is working on his own film in Albuquerque. He feels that is the first step of many steps in the right direction of his career. He wants to create his own art instead of being a pawn.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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